Meet Practitioner Laura Bogen!

Meet Practitioner Laura Bogen!


Laura Bogen, a Quantum Healer who practices in Atlanta, Georgia, has been part of the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum Community since 2015. She started with a BIG BANG of a session where her very first client reported the healing of stomach ulcers, knee problems and restored complete hearing in his ear that he had lost decades before. 

Once again proving how incredibly simple and accessible pure Quantum Healing can be for those seeking healing and those seeking to facilitate it! You can read all about one her incredible sessions where Jesus comes through and spends two hours healing everything for her client Here.

We’ve followed Laura’s work for a while and have admired much of what she written on our Forum, and have recently subscribed to her growing YouTube channel. We caught up with her recently and asked her some questions.

What was the event that led you to become a healing facilitator/start energy work?

The path to finding QHHT and healing work wasn’t always an obvious one for me. Circumstances ultimately led me to grow up with a very left-brained, analytical family of skeptics. Just prior to finding my calling to this work, I had graduated law school and was in the corporate world when it became clear that I wasn’t okay with a job that felt pointless, without purpose or joy, and made me feel like a zombie most of the time. 

There was no creativity, no life, no magic – the things my soul was utterly craving. So I decided to give in to those cravings. My interest in energy healing led me to my Reiki certification, and I started meditating and pursuing intuitive arts.  And so, as I began to dabble into these creative soul endeavors of various sorts, things started becoming synchronous and in tune, yet I still wanted to get out of the 9-5 grind. 

The answer came when the thumbnail of a video caught my eye – it was Dolores Cannon.  I listened to her speak about QHHT and that was it. I knew I was meant to be a part of what Dolores was creating and making possible through her technique and teachings. I immediately made arrangements to begin her course, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Since then, I’ve continued to explore and expand in numerous ways.

 Are there any interesting events or moments that preceded or happened any time during your journey that you feel are relevant to your practice?

I think because we are human, we yearn for more tangible evidence of our transformation once in awhile. These moments are rare gifts that keep my journey interesting and valid. There is one such instance I’d love to share in order to encourage people to really follow their intuition and urges, even if it seems trivial. One morning, when I was visiting my friend in another state, everyone was gone and the house was empty. It was a beautiful October day, so I went outside and sat to do a meditation where I thanked every part of my body for what it does. As I was thanking my feet a big yellow butterfly fluttered over and landed right on my foot, remaining for a few seconds of my stunned silence, before flying off. It was certainly a communication and I felt a sudden urge to get my camera and take photos of myself at the door in the sun (something I don’t usually do). When I was done I went through the photos and found that on the other side of the clear door were two entities in the photos with me. I got an overwhelming sense of these being my guides, and what a gift to be able to hold these photos that validate the memory. What if I decided not to take those photos? What if I shook off that feeling? It was a lesson in listening, which I continue to use daily in my practice.

Who, or what, has been influential on your path?

Interestingly, it’s been my experience that I learn and am influenced often by those individuals and situations that show me what not to do or how not to behave, like those bowling guards that come up for the ball to bounce off and redirect towards the pins. It’s become a useful technique that helps me utilize any ‘negative’ instances and turn them into something positive. However, the closest I have come to finding a true inspiration has been Dolores Cannon.  

I find her life and teachings to be influential to my own development simply because she was someone who followed her excitement and contributed her own awesome piece to this world, despite what others may have thought about it or her, which I find very admirable.

Can you talk about your corporate life work? Has it had an influence on your practice now?

What I did before healing and stepping into the spiritual perspective of life was the extreme opposite. I completed law school and was working for corporate Home Depot when I felt the call for change. Though, I never say that my “past life” in law and corporate was a mistake because without that time, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize the need for change. As well, I learned hard work, discipline, and how to work with those who consider themselves “closed-off”, left-brained people, which has been very helpful in easing individuals from all tracts of life into their spiritual realities.

How has your practice changed since you started?

Since the start of my practice, there have been many changes and adjustments, mostly within my own belief systems in order to encompass some extraordinary situations I have (and have yet to) come across. 

I think every practitioner doing this work has had some kind of special experience that has opened their eyes in one way or another. This work has really forced me to pay attention to my intuition in a deeper, realistic, and more practical way, which allows me to explore and expand in whatever way feels right. It’s become more about feeling out the right move to make or thing to say, rather than just following a formula that may grow stale after some time. 

This work has given me permission to explore all kinds of avenues. Each client, each person, requires something unique in their situation and I find the session flows more when I allow myself to be guided by what I consider to be my professional intuition. This work is a catalyst for change in itself, creating a contagious snowball effect where I find myself opening to more possibilities and pursuing a wider range of interests, from various modes of energy healing, ET regression, and multidimensionality studies, to creating guided meditations, imagery exercises, and other creative materials. I would have to say I embrace change on a daily basis since starting my practice.

On your website you mention you offer card readings and custom guided meditations, can you tell us a bit about your process for the readings and creating guided meditations?

As part of the “snowball effect” I mentioned, there have been a few projects that have become incorporated into my practice as a whole. One of these has been my YouTube channel of informative videos, original guided meditations, and visualization exercises.

 The guided meditations are created using intuitive concepts and phrasing that will be most effective based on the energy I feel is needed at the time of its creation. This can mean creating a guided meeting between the listener and a loved one who has passed, or something more playful, like a Harry Potter-themed guided meditation that allows the listener to gain information in a more light-hearted way. 

Another service I offer is intuitive card readings using a deck of cards I created for the sole purpose of exploring past lives. Since pursuing this work, I truly believe that life-altering ideas are not solely products of thought, but are acquisitions of the mind utilizing higher guidance. During a past life reading, I’m in a state of connectedness that enables me to relay the information to my clients that is most needed at that time in their lives, just as the higher self shows the most appropriate past life during a session. I am very passionate about these endeavors, which encourages me to push others who are merely entertaining an idea to actually go for it!

You also offer energy art, can you tell me more about your process for creating that type of artwork, and maybe what mediums you use?

Similar to the card readings and guided meditations, the energy art I create are intuitively drawn pieces, where I spend time in a bit of a zoned-out state of mind and allow my hand to flow. It can begin with an intention, such as to create a piece that evokes the energy of clarity, peace, healing, love, letting go, etc., and then allow the piece to emerge in the form of a mandala. This way, clients can either order a specific type of energy piece or they can defer to what ‘emerges’ for them organically. I generally use fine point sharpies, art pens, or just any pen with good ink flow (I’m kind of a pen-a-holic). 

What I’m most happy with about these pieces is that some are being used by college students for art therapy in their university’s counseling department. I’m in the process of putting a coloring book together as well. There’s a creator in every single person, and I would encourage anyone reading this who feels like they are in a stale state of being at this time, to start creating in whatever way feels right to them. It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect, but get that creative flow going!

Original Energy Art By Laura
Original Energy Art By Laura

Original Energy Art by Laura

Lastly, is there anything else you’d like us or future clients to know about you and your practice?

I would like to give a shout out to the other practitioners for following their hearts and pursuing this line of work, and to say how grateful I am to be part of this Community, which has had nothing but a positive impact in my life and the lives of my clients. 

My clients always leave a lasting impression on me, and because of that, I tend to maintain availability long after a session should they need any support, mostly due to the potentially life-changing effects that can come from these amazing sessions. That said, I’m looking forward to upcoming sessions and other creative endeavors, as well as continuing to connect with other practitioners and individuals who cross my path. Sending love and warm wishes to each and every one of you.

To learn more about Laura and her Practice, you can find her Directory listing here, you can also visit her YouTube channel and her personal website:


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