Meet Practitioner Mae Fox!

Meet Practitioner Mae Fox!


Mae Fox is a nurse and Quantum Healing Practitioner and the creator of A-Mae-Zing Mind Body Soul Center, Canandaigua , New YorkShe is also attending and offering Sessions at the Quantum Healing 5D and Beyond Event in Sarasota Florida coming up this October 6-7, 2017.

We decided we wanted to get to know Mae a little better and asked her a few questions.

What was the event that led you to become a healing facilitator/start energy work?

I would have to say the event that led me into the healing field was the passing of my twin sister. As I moved through the grief and identity crisis, which did take some time, I found the only way to soothe my soul was learn new ways of thinking. My belief system was challenged and as I expanded my mind and opened up to more possibilities I felt my heart begin to heal. As the threads of new perspectives began to weave into my thoughts such as: life is not final when our bodies die, every person has a purpose, I create my reality, I am responsible for my life. These newfound ideas created a great amount of relief and empowerment. They gave me hope and life jacket when I felt I was immersed in the white waters of circumstance. I learned I have a choice to see the gift in every situation because there is always is purpose. So now I am able to see the gift in the passing of my sister Jean and I know I would not be where I am today without that event. I am grateful for the opportunity to have experienced it then and even now as it still is one of my greatest teachers to this day.

Are there any interesting events or moments of your journey that you feel are relevant to your practice?

Boy there are so many. The night my sister passed she appeared to me in spirit. I saw her in a translucent lavender gown very fluid and beautiful. “Where am I? What is happening?” She asked me. I reached out hugged and said “You’re ok. This was the first time I saw myself in place where I helped a spirit transition to the light. Of course I did not understand at the time, but looking back it was a catalyst to many more situations like that. This experience also gave me a building block for the foundation I stand on today.

Another life experience I had challenged the “box of thinking” I was in. I was headed back to work after lunch. Getting into my car I noticed a little kids glove on the ground. I picked it up and glanced around to see a consignment shop. There were two elderly women in there. No one claimed the mitten, but they were saying how they needed to find an apartment complex in the area to pay for their grandson’s rent. Well, I had just been there a couple days ago for the first time ever. I offered for them to follow me. They gratefully agreed. After quite an eventful two mile drive (which is a story within itself) I escorted them to the manager’s office of the apartment complex. They insisted I take $3 for my trouble and I refused but eventually I took it and thanked them. Before I even got back to my car a young man came quickly up to me and asked if I had any cash. I was surprised and he went on to say his wife is pregnant they are moving and he would name his first child after me. I laughed and handed the only cash I had on me. The $3 dollars those ladies insisted on me taking. All of this happened from a single mitten sitting on the ground. TALK about timing!!! Many people may hear this and think nothing of it. I did not overlook the chain of events it took in order for that man to get $3 for a gallon of gas. This helped to learn how everything is related and with purpose. Of course, I have to remind myself of this often.

I feel like we all look for these “big” in your face miracles to happen to us. But if we open our eyes-there is magic in every day.

Who, or what, has been influential on your path?

That voice inside of me that asks all of the questions. There is a part of me that is inquisitive and challenges the norms of society. Why do I have do things the way everyone else does? Since there are so many different religions how can only one be correct? I have always struggled to conform to a belief or behavior or routine if it doesn't make sense to me. At the age of 12, I was asked, “What do you believe life is about?” Without hesitation, “We are here learn and to become the best person we can be until we get to highest level where we don't have to come back.” The interesting part is I had never been introduced to the concept of reincarnation or energy. For all I knew I had just created it.

That being said- I have many teachers who have guided me; sometimes gently other times not so gently. So many healers have helped me to open myself up and explore- Kim Santa Maria (Energy healer), Deanna (Hands of Light), Lisa Love (medium), Pamela Hawkins (Reiki, Energy healer), Vanessa Hanks (Shaman).

Also those I have no name for, an example is the woman who pulled me aside as I was entering in to my LPN graduation who said  “Congratulations you will make a great RN!” She planted the seed that I could achieve a higher goal, when at that moment I could barely believe I was becoming a LPN.

Another example are those people who challenge me to stand in my truth even when it is uncomfortable or when it takes a lot of courage. Or my family and friends whom don't quite jump on board with what I do but they love me anyway.

Has your career as a registered nurse had an influence on your practice now?

My nursing career began long before I became a registered nurse. I worked a CNA at age 19 for a year and left the field. Then I returned to nursing at age 30 with LPN. Starting at age of 19 I realized “care” is about seeing the patient as a whole being. Someone with a past and who has a life that has meaning. The path to becoming a RN taught me how to listen to people, to see their situation through their eyes. Investing my time and energy to relate to their fears and concerns. When I am able to get to this place I found I could help the most; locating the fear, worry, stress, concern and nurturing those spacing my patient. Once we could soothe those areas the healing part was easy. This is what I do in my current practice as QHHT® practitioner. Quelling fear is one of my biggest missions with this work.

How has your practice changed since you started?

My practice changes every day, from clients to financial issues. Everyday I am invited to go with the flow or to create upstream battle. Easier said then done- that’s the truth. The one thing I can count on is that my faith and trust in my higher self is growing as is my faith and trust in my client’s higher self becomes stronger. I know anyone who comes to me is there in front of me because that is where they belong. I have no doubt the session will give them exactly what they need.

On your website you mention you offer a weekly meditation, chakra classes and hold a women's group, can you tell us more about those?

At A-Mae-Zing Mind Body Soul Center I hold Tuesday morning meditation classes. I feel in order for me to teach I need to practice. This a place where I walk my talk. Mediation is a recurrent message brought forth in almost every QHHT® session. Therefore I create a space for my past, present, and future clients to meditate. It is how we can connect and listen.

We offer many different workshops- but the chakra system is one I facilitate as I feel it is a gateway to understanding what I do. The energy body can not be seen by many- but we know it exists. It is one more way we as a human beings can care for ourselves. This helps clients to visualize and move through healing meditations as well.

Women’s group – Every Thursday night I open the center to host a women’s group. My heart heals in these groups. I hold the space and women come and sit in the circle. We open up a page of meditation book and work through the topic for the evening. There is a stated confidentially reminder and soul work gets done as a group. It feels like ancient times when women would make time to honor and care for each other. And we learn and remember how to love and honor ourselves. Very Powerful Space.

You also mention on your site creating “healing plans” for people, can you describe more what that process is like?

I know that every person who walks into my center or reaches out to me carries in their own unique package of experiences, beliefs, and fears. I cannot treat every person the same as the last. It is not effective. Where is the healing in that philosophy? I spend time speaking with the client- learning about their goals, obstacles, their perspective. I go over the types of work I do. Reiki, hypnosis (traditional), QHHT®, and meditation guidance is described in detail. Of course I would love to have everyone who comes to me book a QHHT® session, but that is not always the best path. I understand and honor them in the place that they are right now. Their healing is my goal. I am just as honored to facilitate a Reiki session as I am to do a QHHT® session.

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like us or future clients to know about you and your practice?

 I believe that when we heal ourselves we automatically give others permission to do the same. QHHT® provides a platform for the fear we carry in our everyday life to be understood – honored- and released. Fear is at the root of most of our unhappiness/discomfort. It holds us back from living this life. I look forward to working with you. We will work together to help you gain a perspective that will expand your way of thinking- about life, love, healing and more…

We were pleased to get the chance to chat with Mae live, here's the replay of that interview!

To learn more about Mae and her practice visit her website:

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