Meet Practitioner Tara Davis

Meet Practitioner Tara Davis


Tara Davis is a Quantum Healing Practitioner located in Fairgrove, Missouri.

What was the event that led you to become a healer/energy worker?

Honestly, there was no one certain event that led me to where I am today. I see it more as a progression, something I have been gradually growing into my entire life. Like one of those, “my whole life’s been preparing me for this” kind of deals. Truly, I was blessed with an incredible family that was not religious or church-going; not that they were without their beliefs, they just didn’t push them on me, letting me make up my own mind about everything. I also in my childhood had good exposure, especially in those foundational years, to metaphysics and natural/ energy healing. Which as a child, I gravitated to this stuff. So, I really grew up thinking a little differently with an open mind. I have also had a pretty full life with many different experiences in many different situations with many different kinds of people. I have overcome so many hells myself and have done so much of my own self-healing. It’s all of these things that have really shaped me into who I am today, giving me experience and insight into the human condition; everything has been preparing me for this.

I did struggle though for a couple years as to the path I was going to take towards helping people heal, experimenting with different things. But after finding Dolores Cannon, I knew QHHT® was for me; because, I really believe in people healing themselves. QHHT® really drew me in in that regard, learning that I could possibly help facilitate connecting people to that part of themselves that has the answers they are seeking as well as doing the healing that’s needed, if appropriate, for them. It’s all them doing the work, not me and I feel there is great power behind that.

Are there any interesting events or moments you want to share that you feel are relevant to your practice? 

Synchronicity is a big one for me. Just how things will line up and work out surrounding myself and this path, like “all signs point here!” I have had many otherworldly experiences that I am still in the process of interpreting their meaning; but, I can feel how they all contribute. I do know that since really getting into this work, while in my dream state, I go study with teachers as well as teach others myself. I don’t always bring back the clearest memories of what took place, but I am hyper-aware of how my understanding expands after these events. I will get new, deeper insights into healing and how energy works.

In one particular dream-time experience I remember well and that had great impact on me was where I was studying with an indigenous shaman in a tropical forest setting. He was teaching me how to pay attention to and read energies; to listen and feel. I feel very honored, humbled, and blessed for these experiences I’ve had and am still having.

Who, or what, has been influential on your path?

I would have to say my mother and her best friend really had huge influences on me. I received a lot of exposure to this stuff growing up. They introduced me to things like Reiki, Herbal medicines, past lives, crystals, divination, dreamtime, etc.

Also, I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA; where Edgar Cayce lived, worked, and has his foundation and legacy. I grew up going to A.R.E and the Heritage Store; which is ran by his legacy and carries everything “new age” you can think of. I even found out more recently that my grandmother had apparently moved us to that area based off of his prophecies of the city. So he, Edgar Cayce, was I name I grew up with.

Drunvalo Melchizedek and his work really expanded me too. I found him before I found Dolores Cannon and I feel like his work helped prepare me for hers. I learned a lot about how far we can take meditation through him and just how powerful our energy and intentions are.

Finally, there’s Dolores! She and her work really helped me bridge the gaps and see the correlations between everything I have ever learned. I feel like I had bits and pieces of, what I thought was, unrelated truths in so many areas, and her work just connected all those dots for me. She really gave me the pieces to the puzzle that I was missing and has reconnected me to the universe in ways I never imagined.

I would also like to send love to all the light workers out there whom blog and write articles. Being able to surf the net and learn from others in this arena has also been very influential on me. There is a lot of wonderful people out there sharing the information and experience they have. Thank you!  

What kind of work, if any, did you do before becoming a healer? If so, has it had an influence on your practice now?

Well, I started working at 14 and never stopped, only to become something of a jack-of-all-trades. I have worked in many different fields with people from all over the world. I have worked hospitality, the restaurant industry, sales, and even training and managing foreigners in internship programs. Growing up and living where I did, until 4 years ago, put me in touch with people from just about every background and every lifestyle. Virginia Beach is not only a tourist destination, it’s also home to the largest naval area in the world. So this place is just a huge melting pot of different people. And I KNOW exactly how much this contributes to me doing this work. I don’t think anyone could really get away with experiencing these things that I have and not have it make them very accepting of people. I feel like there is almost no one I can’t get along with and it’s taught me so much about myself and others. It has most definitely helped me get to where I am now; because, I really got to see this common thread between all people, no matter what their background. And also how we all experience pain in its many, many forms.

This all caused me to wake up one day and say “no more!” Then I set out on this path of healing myself and the further along I got the more I knew I would be helping others with this, on a slightly bigger scale, one day. I was already helping those I am the closest to, but I just grew more into this knowing that it was my duty to share this stuff with others and help.

How has your practice changed since you started?

I didn’t have any practice set up prior to becoming a practitioner. The last 5 years have been filled with heavy studying of many related subjects such as healing, psychology, and quantum mechanics. When I found Dolores Cannon, it was like EVERYTHING I had learned was coming together.

Tell us about your surrogate session for your mother.

So this is where I basically placed my partner, Carter, under hypnosis with QHHT® in my mother’s stead because I could not get her under for over a year. With every attempt, she was met with this strong energy that she would feel that made her not want to go deeper into trance. What is funny is that just trying a session on her and failing had an energetic, detox-like effect on her. So even if a session seems like a flop, it seems there is still something going on beneath the surface.

Anyway, she really wanted to do this because she had been dealing with, basically, psoriasis since 2010. It covered her feet (the worst on the bottoms), came up to portions of her legs and even one of her hands. It was painful and itchiness was severe for her. She’d get these incredibly deep cracks in her feet that made it difficult for her to walk some days. And we had tried everything external we could to no avail.

After finding Dolores, I just knew QHHT® could help her; there was no doubt in my mind. But then I couldn’t get her under after becoming a practitioner for more than a year and THAT really got to me. It wasn’t until attending the Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner’s in meeting in St. Joseph, MO last October 2016, that I really learned about surrogate sessions and heard of the success people have had. Finally in March of this year, we did this for her.

In the session, she most certainly went back to a burning lifetime where she felt responsible for deaths of many people. We found out that she has lived several lives since that one and through them all, she has carried these energies of guilt and self-punishment. Crazily, the condition with her skin did look like she had been burned; and, that is because that was this lifetime from which her problems were stemming. She was told it was finally time to let all of that go. For physical healing, her higher self said that she would start to see and feel a lessening, and that it would continue to get better as time went on. She was to also practice grounding and placing her bare feet on the Earth because she had gotten disconnected from nature.  

After that, she noticed a difference in that first week after; the itching was reducing and the pain was dying down. Now, it’s been 7 months since that session occurred and I am enthralled with the way everything looks today. The burnt look is gone, her hand has healed, one of her legs looks perfect, her feet are getting close to normal again, and the worst spot she had on her other leg is close to being completely gone. I am so happy! Soon we will be seeing if my mom can go under now in a session herself since all this has occurred. To achieve this kind of success with a surrogate session is mind blowing and I am so grateful for Dolores and her work. 

(Editor’s note- here is the expanded article on this surrogate session)

What was it like to meet with the other Practitioners at the Beyond Quantum Healing Meeting of Practitioners in 2016?

I didn’t want it to end! I really look up to all of those I met. Getting around a group with many veterans in this field had this very tangible, wonderful energy in the air. I drove back to Springfield, MO when it was over, 4 hours away, riding this incredible high that lasted for days. Being around a group of like-minded people always seems to amp up the energy so much for me, I almost want it to last forever. But alas, people with alternative healing modalities tend to be spread out for a reason, and I accept that. I have so much respect for those who came before me and those who are just overall doing this work. Thinking, living, and working so differently from the mainstream can get difficult at times, so I am extremely grateful for the strength these practitioners have. It is not only inspiring, but also helps continue to teach me. So for all of you out there, practicing any kind of natural healing, I am grateful for you all!

You recently met Greg Prescott in Sarasota Florida, what was that like for you and Carter?

We loved meeting Gregg Prescott and seeing Sarasota! I was amazed how it just so happened to work out for us to go there shortly after watching his first couple FB lives. And this was my first time stepping foot into Florida too. Synchronicity! I didn’t even know if we’d get to meet Gregg or not. I am a beach girl at heart and just really wanted to experience some Siesta Key and the City of Light. We knew that we would be attending the drum circle that Sunday we were there, so we did have our hopes. And voila! There he was at the drum circle! We absolutely loved hanging out with him! I personally find him so relatable in what feels like very uncanny ways. And I hadn’t gotten to tell anyone this yet, but I had a dream with Greg and Michelle Walling after meeting him. I felt like it was an information exchange. Very cool! Anyway, he carries such a wonderful energy that you can feel when in his company and I look forward to possibly seeing him again in the future!

Lastly, is there anything else you’d like us or future clients to know about you and your practice?

I am currently teaming up with a fellow new practitioner, Kristi Davis, who lives here in the Springfield area also, to get ourselves and this work out there. We will be setting up group regression events and possibly presentations too, as well as have our website up and running soon. I am very excited and so looking forward to meeting new people. As for now, I can be contacted through my directory listing on 

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