Meet Quantum Healer Dagny St John

Meet Quantum Healer Dagny St John

Meet the Practitioners

Recently we’ve caught up with Dagny St John, a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Healer who lives in Woolwich Maine.

Dagny can you tell us about the event that led you to become a healer?

 My husband died suddenly. Paddling my kayak toward the setting sun, tears streaming, I'd say “Wait for me,” and then there was this voice, “I'm right here. You are right there. We can talk. We are still connected.”

I started doing Dolores Cannon's QHHT® training online. In my first session with a fellow practitioner, I asked the question, “Why am I a young widow?” None of my friends were widows and there was lots of whining on my part. The answer I received jolted me. “You and Peter had a soul contract. He knew to get out of the way so that you could do the work you are meant to be doing.” This happened in1996. And I could feel in my bones the truth of that choice.

Also, I had body work done for the first time then by a medium and was told that the voice I had been hearing was Edgar Cayce…so I looked him up! Wow, that's who it was! I figured that I had better tune in more.

A few months later I went to hear a medical intuitive, Dr Carol Ritberger and as I was gazing at her books on display, I introduced myself saying, “”I'm a medical intuitive too.” And I had no idea where those words came from but she confirmed that I am a soul induced medical intuitive. Later that night I knew she would pick my name from the hat for a reading; she did and said to the large gathering, “You have a soul-induced medical intuitive right in your midst” Driving home in an incredulous state, I thought again, “wow, that sounds awesome!”

So I started doing “readings” for friends. My teenage sons especially liked called me their “woo-woo mom” and asking me, on a scale of 1 to 10, “how is this girl for me?” and I would rate them. Of course they both married a 10!

Who or what has been influential on your path?

 My readings started growing exponentially through word of mouth, I would tell people, “I just send up a little antenna out of you and one out of me to where we are all connected and then I muscle check the answers on me.” I devised a scheme looking at Carolyn Myss and her connection of illnesses and organs and chakras with the psychological and emotional issues. Then I found I could hear what their loved ones, who had passed, wanted to share. I gave lots of affirmations. I was happy doing this work.

This aspect started intriguing me. How do these folks get through to me? So I examined my own past life through QHHT®. I learned that I was a child in the Holocaust. When I started studying German in college, my professor said I pronounced the words perfectly and it was as if I “knew” the language. When I was visiting Madjanek, Poland, a concentration camp, my hand reached for a pair of baby shoes and I passed out. I knew those were my shoes. I have since met my Holocaust sister in this life. I have also had several clients thru QHHT® who were Holocaust children or adults.

So over time I learned about my previous journeys and developed my skills. I am trained as a therapist, body worker (PolartyTherapy) and in Matrix Energetics. But Quantum Healing is where I have connected most deeply with my husband and with the higher self, or soul self, of others. It's as if a little light switch goes on when I'm talking with someone's higher self, as if I have a new intimate best friend. I treasure the connective energy. My humanity is bound up in theirs; we are learning and growing together.

Has your work as a teacher had any influence on your practice?

 I suppose it's more about my own yearning to learn about life that has influenced my growth both spiritually and mentally. I have always been what is nowadays called a seeker: TM meditation at age 30, checking out other mediums and psychics, going to see John of God in Brazil. I learned there that Dr Oswaldo Cruz is the entity who helps me with my healing work with others, again it was that voice I recognized and said to myself, “oh that's who is talking with me.” My husband also continues to download insights and information.

 How has your practice changed since you started?

 I look back and am so aware of how naive I was. I think we all are very intuitive but our doubts and our fears of the mysterious and unknown are huge. I remember at age 6 hearing the potato plants talk with me saying they were my friends and had lots to say and I ran and hid under my bed. That knowing was not revealed for 50 years!

Not until an article appeared in the Huffington Post about me did I realize that through a session someone had felt “healed.” Like John of God, I do not attribute that to me. It startles me but I do believe in someone else's power to heal.

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like us or future clients to know about you and your practice?

I am in awe of how my life journey continues to unfold. I seek to understand that in others and assist them in their acceptance and gratitude as well. We, and this world, can use that for sure.

To find out more about Dagny and her practice visit her website at

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