Meet Quantum Healing Practitioner Allison Coe!

Meet Quantum Healing Practitioner Allison Coe!


Allison Coe is a Quantum Healing Practitioner who lives in Portland, Oregon.

Allison offers Quantum Healing, QHHT®, One-on-One Guidance and Dream Interpretation. All of these offerings allow Allison to help each client connect to their Higher Self, see the signs laid out before them, and navigate through the messages, and their life, in a more meaningful way. 


Allison loves to meet new people and loves talking to the world via her YouTube channel! We recently caught up with Allison and asked her a few questions. 


Hi Allison, what got you started in this healing and spiritual work?

One day, many, many years ago, I had the desire to expand my heart. This desire came as a direct consequence of having my heart burst open upon meeting an acquaintance of my husbands. For the first time ever I felt pure unconditional love – and I was scared out of my mind at what it could mean. As a result I was completely confused about how to proceed, what it meant, why I felt it, and specifically how to use it. I struggled forward and I found a “traditional” hypnotist and asked her to hypnotize me so I could feel Unconditional Love for all people – not just this one person. It became my highest ideal. As this desire took hold I felt a freedom wash over me and I started to realize I may have signed up for something “big”.

Were there any specific events you experienced that significantly brought you to your current path? 

The most significant and mind-blowing event that sealed my journey to present-day Allison was when I was working as an Accountant and I received information about “Two Earths” – this was prior to knowing who Dolores Cannon was and what she discovered through her Quantum Healing sessions.

I always thought I was boring because I don’t see things, or hear things, or get the energy downloads that other people talk about (not at that time anyway) but I just know things.

I get a knowing, a truth, an idea that I can’t get out of my mind. Once I get one of these knowings it permeates my system and it must come out. So one day I received a knowing that there were two Earths. There was an Old Earth and a New Earth and they used to be fully overlapped, but now they were separating like a Vesica Pisces: a tiny portion of each still overlapping the other.

I knew that the Old Earth had fear, survival, pain, drama, patriarchy, slavery, money, isolation, hierarchy, conditional love, and that humans are at the top of that food chain.

Well, the New Earth had unconditional love, joy, freedom, sovereignty, and human beings were an equal part of the Earth and had psychic abilities and a galactic connection to the Universe.

So I started figuring out that I was embodying the attributes of both Earth’s in differing situations: Alone I was vibrating to the New Earth, and at work (as an Accountant) I was in the middle overlapping section, and when I was at a bar grabbing a whiskey sour I was vibrating with the Old Earth.

It became increasingly uncomfortable to vibrate with the Old Earth, and finally it became even unbearable to be in the overlapping portion. So you can imagine my shock when, 6 months after receiving this “knowing’ I am introduced to Dolores Cannon and her teachings; within five minutes of watching a YouTube video of her she's telling me the same information is coming out of her clients. My mind was blown! I started to pay close attention to QHHT® and my path just unfolded in front of me.

Who, or what, has been influential on your path?

Along with all of the people who volunteered to teach me specific lessons I’d say my biggest influences came in the form of three teachings/teachers. Edgar Cayce’s work has been fascinating me since I was in my teens and opened me up to a different reality that exists. In fact, my first thought upon learning about QHHT® was that it turned each client into a temporary Edgar Cayce.

Eckhart Tolle introduced me to the idea of egoic conscious mind, observing and controlling my thoughts, and identifying with the observer of these thoughts instead of the thoughts themselves. He also taught me to be in the present – the now – as that’s the only place life exists. Changed. My. Life.

Abraham Hicks was up to bat next. I practiced the Law of Attraction with one goal in mind: attract the highest version of myself. The practice of keeping an unconditionally-high vibration has been a game changer. These three, above all else, have set me up personally and professionally.

You mention a previous career as an accountant, has that had an influence on your practice now?

I have a very logical, pragmatic approach to my sessions and the information that comes out. Not only thanks to the Accounting background, but also due to being a double Virgo (Sun and Ascendant). I can be seemingly unemotional when needed, but without losing an ounce of compassion and unconditional love. This helps with meeting clients and creating a safe space for them to open up. Also, thanks to having such a boring job for 12 years, I was able to work and absorb spiritual studies at the same time. So it was the perfect job: an unknown launch-pad to my practice as a QHHT® Practitioner.

How has your practice changed since you started?

I seem to be attracting very different clients now than I did at the beginning. The majority of my clients lately have done all of the clearing, all of the healing, and they are dying to move on to a new and different reality. They are a match to me and how I feel. It’s uncanny. I don’t know if it’s just me or if this is a trend for all of us.

Also, about 8 months ago I started feeling like I was chafing under a collar that was too tight. I realized I wanted two things: to share this incredible information I was witnessing with a broader audience so that more people could apply it to their lives, and to expand my practice. That chafing led to some of my most important changes in my practice.

You have a YouTube channel with some great videos on it, what made you decide to make videos? Can you tell us more about how it feels to share your thoughts with so many people via video?

I started making the videos so that I could introduce people to the common threads that I was seeing in my sessions, and to affect more people with the information. I didn’t feel like this information should just be witnessed only by myself and the clients. I felt an urgency to start getting people pointed in the right direction; away from fear, toward love and joy, for the direct purpose of Ascension. I thought I could maybe do a weekly update of the sessions I had. But the information was usually spread broader than one week and I now post maybe once a month. It feels incredible to have such a positive reaction to the information in these videos. Incredible.


Lastly, is there anything else you'd like us or future clients to know about you and your practice?

We are all here together working toward increasing the light in the world. I feel like I’m not an individual anymore. I am part of a team; just one of many thousands of people with this goal. You are a part of this team. Thank you for showing up and being brave enough to be here.

Anything Else?

I feel that when we open ourselves up to evolution and expansion we are pointed in the right direction. I’m seeing this truth play out on the micro and macro levels daily. I can use it as a barometer in my own life by asking “Will this action allow me to expand and grow, or will it restrict me?” We are being called to expand and evolve our ideas, our thinking, our habits, our comfort zones so that we can be prepared for something huge. And we have yet to fully grasp what that truly means for each of us. But it’s an amazing journey we’re on to try and figure it out. 

You can find Allison on YouTube or on her website at

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