Merging With Your Guide – Multidimensional Encounters


Vera is a psychically gifted woman. She has been on the self-exploration path for many years. The „person“ she trusted the most with all aspects of her life was her spirit guide Michael.

He had been advising her well ever since she encountered him 8 years ago. He helped her find the right partner, introduced her to her cosmic origin and family and was her very best friend, the consciousness she loved the most, trusted the most and took most comfort in.

Several times in the past while speaking to him she felt as if speaking to herself which was odd but magical at the same time. It was as if the love and understanding she had for herself were reflected back upon her by this brief perception.

Little did she know that this was a first step into the direction of a complete merge with her guides essence. She did not even know this could possibly happen until it did happen to her.

At first, she was confused and then devasted. She had lost the one contact she valued above everything else. How could that happen? How could he leave her? How could this be undone?

As beautiful as may it sound from the outside – merging with your guide (for good) – her first reaction was not happy at all. She did feel that she herself had changed. She was more clearheaded, more grounded, more laser-focused and less emotionally vulnerable. All attributes which were provided by her beloved guide-friend-companion from the other realms before. 

But it was different having these qualities and having them provided by someone from the outside. She had grown quite attached to their interactions. She felt complete with him – with him as an outside part of her that is.

„Being him“ or having integrated him was quite a different situation. Why was it, that she needed this quality outside from her and not inside?

She had close to blind trust in him.

The love was so heart-expanding that it almost hurt.

He close to always knew how to make her laugh,

how to ease the pain,

how to undo the drama.

By a smile, a comment, an act.

She did not know that she could love someone that much until she had met him.

Was it unthinkable that she could love herself that much, trust herself that much, lift herself up that easily, joyfully and playfully? Did she enjoy to be dependent? Did she enjoy to share part of the responsibility? Did she want to get validation from the outside? Yes, in all cases.

She realized this. It was uncomfortable, yet it happened and it was not to be undone. For brief moments the merge was undone just like a blinking eye telling her that this really happened. 

She griefed as if having buried a beloved friend and at the same time she explored her new self. She started to realize her new self, her expanded upgraded version of self. How beautiful to know that all his beloved qualities were always with her. Just in a different way, a way that would help her grow to help her on her current earthly path. 

Like a last beautiful message, the song „Together we are strong“ (Mireille Matthieu and Patrick Duffy) came to her mind. The text hit it right on the head. Listening to the song helped her to overcome the grief and embrace her new situation.

During the course of time, she merged with other aspects. None of the merges were anywhere near as emotional.

Now she is living happily and when she feels lost she remembers to be the embodiment of the qualities that she is looking for on the outside. Having him as a reference point for those qualities on the outside for such a long time helped her to activate them more easily within her self. A beautiful gift from the universal self to its reflection in time.

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