Mnemonics - Being At The God's Door

Mnemonics – Being At The God’s Door

Beyond Quantum Healing

Having reached Lesson 4 of Candace Craw-Goldman’s BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) course, I am pleased to be able to state that in my opinion the course is very well put together; suitable for beginners and advanced students alike.

Coming across new information I’m excited to accrue more as I progress along the course structured path. However, I’ve always been challenged by having a poor memory which has worsened over the years, but I have learnt long ago how using certain tricks would aid in one’s ability to memorise, and one of those is the use of Mnemonics. So in light of this, when I Learned about  the different brain wave states of the human mind and  mnemonics, it immediately jumped out at me. I then decided to share this information so that it may also assist others as it has done me. The mnemonic is the title of this piece and here is how it breaks down:

Beta (being) – alertness, active thinking, concentration

Alpha (at) – light hypnosis

Theta (the) – light sleep, daydreaming, deep hypnosis

Gamma (god’s) – deep meditative cohesive focus

Delta (door) – deep sleep

These are the 5 main types of brain waves found within the mind with Beta being at full alertness and progressing to Delta which is deep sleep. The mnemonic literally just appeared in my mind as I was looking at this information and I immediately realised how appropriate it is. The process of Quantum Healing, the practices of deep meditation and hypnosis could produce experiences that to some might be interpreted as literally opening a door to God or similar,  and with my own interpretation of “God”, this has certainly been the case many times now. Everyone will have their own interpretation of what and who God is, and this mnemonic can easily be adapted to suit multiple belief systems and interpretations.

I hope that this mnemonic and perhaps the reminder to students of such techniques in memorisation of information will prove useful.

Written by:

Melony Gallagher, BSc (Hons)


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