'Multidimensional Living' a Quantum Healing with Candace Series

‘Multidimensional Living’ a Quantum Healing with Candace Series, with Mary M. Truitt

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We in the Spiritual Community tend to use the word, “multidimensional” quite often but what does it really mean? In a practical sense, what does living “multidimensionally” really mean? How is it different than the way we lived before, and how can we tell if we are or not living in an expanded way?

Quantum Healers have a front row seat to multidimensional experiences and also to the extraordinary and sometimes quite seemingly oridinary stories of clients who are embodying the concept of multidimensionality in profound and sometimes quite surprising ways.

This year, 2017 has proven to be one that has brought forth extraordinary challenges for so many, and in so many different areas of life. Looking closer, or rather, viewing from a different and “higher” perspective we can often see how even some of the most challenging, painful and even frightening events and circumstances can be considered some of our most enlightening, and expansive.

Quantum Healers Candace Craw-Goldman and Mary M. Truitt have planned a series of conversations on this very subject and invite you to join them LIVE for their second episode of Mulitidimensional Living Series on In5d.com’s Quantum Healing with Candace Show coming up Friday, December 22, 2017. Live on Facebook, on our Quantum Healing and Beyond Page 9am Central and 10am Eastern time.

Of course you can always catch the replay on our YouTube Channel, Quantum Healing and Beyond.

Here is the first episode recorded last month:

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