Multidimensional Quantum Healing Session by La Donna Permenter

Multidimensional Quantum Healing Session by La Donna Permenter


The following session was facilitated by La Donna Permenter:

This Quantum Healing session was requested by a strikingly beautiful woman. She carried herself well and exhibited a strong statuesque presence. In the interview many issues came to the forefront.

She had health concerns; abdominal pain, headaches and neck pain and was also very concerned about her young adopted son. She had absolutely NO background information about him, because he came from an orphanage in Ethiopia.  

She had the means to send her son to an exclusive, private school, but because of extreme behavior she has had to remove him from school and is now home schooling him. During our talk, she began to cry and tell me that the boy is hoarding food at home and she has been finding food everywhere. She has even had to have the carpet in his room completely replaced because of the food spoilage. It was the smell in his room that alerted her to his issues!  

She tried to find out why he hoarded the food, but when asked the boy would not answer, and stated he did not know even know why he did it.

The client easily went into trance and we had a very productive session!

In the first past life she was a young girl who lived in the Amazon jungle and had a beautiful, and wonderful life. She created drawings and wrote books about the Amazon jungle. This life’s lesson was to care for the earth and learn to be contentedly alone.

In the second past life she was a male that worked outside the pyramids in Egypt.

This man was in charge of making sure the water flowed close to the pyramids for the priest and for the labor to have for building and for use in the labor camps.  He taught himself in secret how to write and was able after a beautiful, but long journey, to elevate himself to be accepted as a priest himself and he lived his remaining days as priest working in the pyramids.  I so love the pyramids myself and so I asked him to describe the details of the inside of the structures. He described them as very beautiful and stated that the pyramids were healing centers.  I asked but, but he was not able to explain who actually built them. He was able to say they were already over 4000 years old in this, his time, and that they were a “gift from the gods. “

He lived a good and full and rich-feeling life.  I took him to his last breath and then crossed him over and took him to the healing center on the spirit side, because he wanted to see it.  He described a beautiful domed building that was made of crystals of every color and even colors he has never seen before. He was being bathed in the beautiful light coming through the dome, he was quiet in this place and wanted to enjoy the feeling of healing to his soul.  

The lesson of this life was to work hard, and to learn that one can achieve one’s greatest heart’s desire.

I tried to take him to the review and preparation for his next life, but was told that it was not for him to see today. So, I said “thank you” and asked what would be appropriate to view at this time.  “Return” was the word that was said, so we returned back to the personality of the client.

It was at this point that I decided to help the client’s young son by shifting gears and doing a surrogate session. I was going to connect to the consciousness of the young boy through his mother, my client. The connection was made and he came through and then stated that he so loved his mommy and even more so because she chose him to be her son.

It was at this point that I did something I have never attempted before; I regressed the boy, through the consciousness of his mother to his own past life. I just felt driven to try to see if we could find answers to the complex situation of this child. I had the opportunity to actually meet the boy before the session, he is such a beautiful and very loving child, so I wanted to see if we could help in this unusual way.

So he went back to a life where he was a little boy of 8 who lived in Mumbai, India in the 19th century, and his name was Buhta. He stated that there were men that broke into his family home in the middle of the night and kidnapped him.  He was taken a long way away and was forced into servitude. He worked in very wealthy homes. He cried himself to sleep every night. Then he befriended another little boy that was 10 years old. He was always hungry and never ever got enough to eat.

He next describes himself as 12 years old and on the streets with his friend. He describes himself being happy to see the very nice man coming down the street that was always so nice to him. He always spoke kindly to him and gave him money, and the money allowed him to feed himself and he fed his friend, too.  The man came down the street one day and bought his freedom and took him to his home.  

The nice man a very wealthy “textile merchant” who had no children, and was not married. He adopted Buhta.  He taught Buhta everything about the textile merchant business and they traveled all over the world, Buhta grew into a man and became even more well known in textiles than his adopted father. He lived a very successful life and lived in a grand house. He married and had 4 daughters. He was okay with having no son because he feared someone would take a son.

His wife then died and he could not get himself together after her death. He was in his late 50’s and lost all desire to live, but felt he simply had to continue for their daughters’ sake.

I then took him to see his deceased wife and they had the most beautiful conversation, they cried and healed, and she said she was so proud of him and how he was raising their girls and she was at all of their weddings and he needed to know that she was ALWAYS with him, he was never alone.  She told him to put his life in order and she would be waiting for him.  He was very happy and then lived out the rest of his life and then his life was done and his wife was there when he left his body and greeted him.

What happened next was that the consciousness of the client’s young boy then returned to his current life, but he had a different name. He described being an infant in a home with a dad, mom and 3 siblings. In the middle of the night this infant boy is taken and brought to an orphanage in Ethiopia.

He is actually is sold to the orphanage then adopted later by my client.

There is an understanding now, the current day consciousness of the boy understands the story of his other lives and how they connect to the current incarnation. I then connect him to his birth mother, who has since died and she tells him that she loves him and it is meant for him to be mothered by my client and he has a very important future purpose.  

His adopted mother will indeed complete her children books, they will be published and translated in many, many languages that this birth mother is helping the adopted mother with her writing. These books will focus on the subject of children being adopted in Ethiopia and how some of these agencies sell these children all over the world.  

As a grown man the boy will return to Ethiopia and will become very important to change the for future these kids.  He tells my client’s self- his adopted mother, that he loves her so much and he understands and will be the little boy that she wants him to become and we will not take food any longer, he no longer needs to and he knows he is safe and loved and that his birth mother is with him at all times.

We then did a body scan on the client and it was revealed that she had numerous negative energies and we released all of them. But just as we were finishing up the Higher Self stated that there was one final energy that remained in the left of the abdomen. I attempted to release that one as well and offered it the opportunity to speak but it did not want to and then the client changed immediately…and a very strong and different voice boomed out of her mouth and said, “I am not leaving.”

I then began to talk to this energy presence directly and asked how long it has been with the client and it stated it had been created by her former husband’s former wife. She was a priestess from old Africa and she created this negative energy against the client.

I then called upon all of the Archangels and used the spark of Creation to return it to Source and it just continued to yell, “I am not leaving….she belongs to me.” Well, I was not going to give up on clearing my client from this negative energy so I then asked the client’s Higher Self how to release this energy and this was the answer; the client must consciously release the entity with her conscious, every day mind because there was an important lesson for her to learn and that lesson would come with the release.

After the session the client and I had a very in-depth conversation regarding all of what happened above as she had little recall of the session. She was shocked about the negative entity primarily because she never revealed any information whatsoever about her ex-husband and his former wife. She was very pleased to hear about the information and healing that was provided for her young son and also to have assurances that she will finish the children’s books.

She was going to focus on the recording of her session daily to learn all that she needed to learn. And if all of that wasn’t amazing enough, there were more surprises to come.

About six weeks after this session the client called and stated that she had just got home from the hospital.  She had become very ill, vomiting everywhere and was taken by rescue to the hospital.  

They did a scan and discovered something very unusual on her abdomen. Also her enzymes were elevated and they wanted to remove her gallbladder immediately. The anesthesiologist came into the operating room and after he prepared her for what was to come he said they would be counting backwards from 10 and that she would be under before they got to 1. She counted with him and on the count of 7 she found herself back in the pyramid! Then a brilliant spark of light came towards her. She felt nothing but complete love from this spark and it spoke to her, telling her, “Everything will be fine and the disruptive energy presence was not needed any longer.” It continued to tell her that she is loved and they are always with her.  

She awoke in recovery and was advised that they removed her gallbladder but they were unsuccessful in finding the other abnormality/mass on the scan and they wanted to keep her in the hospital and take her to surgery again in a few days to find this mass/source of abnormality that had been revealed on the scan.  The client stated, “No, I want to go home.” She told the doctors, that she will be fine, she told them all about the QHHT session and what happened in the O.R. The doctors did not know what to make of that and suggested they repeat the scan before she left the hospital and she agreed. They did the scan and everything had changed. The mass/the abnormality was gone.

The miracles don’t end there, the little boy has transformed into a more peaceful, more mature little guy, very loving and no longer concerned about hoarding or hiding food.

My client’s entire life, and the life of her son has changed since we did this session. She stated that she is a true BELIEVER in the miraculous outcomes possible with Quantum Healing and she is sharing her session story and information with everyone. It is her plan to return for another session in the future once she has fully recovered from her operation and hospital stay as she now has new and different issues to explore.

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