My Personal Energy Session with David Manning

My Personal Energy Session with David Manning


David says he doesn’t regard himself as a healer but rather an energetic technician who facilitates dramatic unraveling of old patterns, locked in positions and attitudes, ancient wounds and long held stories. He’s a visionary, certainly, and he can see stories within the energy fields of humans. He then gives voice to those stories and uses a unique form of sound healing and shamanic focus to help dissolve limiting constructs or patterns.

It is hard to describe exactly what David does, you just have to experience it yourself. The first time I had a sample of David’s work was when I met him in London, this past May. We were both speakers at the Starseed Reunion Conference, hosted by Michelle Walling. Michelle spoke so highly of David and I could see why she did. David did a brief demonstration at the conference and I was intrigued. I was also instantly drawn to David’s thoughtful and gentle nature, and soon we were chatting about the idea of trading sessions.

I was up first for the trade and our appointment just happened to be two days after the Lion’s Gate of 8-8-2017.  There was a lot going on in the world and in my own life that week. So much of it focused upon feline energies.

As timing would have it only minutes before our appointment, I received the news that my precious cat Samson’s organs were failing, he was severely dehydrated and that he was in a dire situation with an unknown cause.

I was very distraught and actually briefly considered rescheduling my session with David, but I have learned that the Universe lines things up for good reason, so I kept our appointment, even though I was crying as I said hello.

David listened to me closely and with such compassion and understanding, not only about the cat situation, but about me and all that was going on in my life. Then, with the very first sentence out of his mouth, which I believe was, “Let us now move into the space of love without condition,” I began to release the grip of worry and upset that surrounded me. I felt it just start to drain right out of me and that tense and awful energy continued to leave me until it was just … gone.

Everything started to change and I felt my whole being move into a space of peace and balance. During the energy work, the waves and undulations going through me and my fields and my body were palpable and specific, and stronger than anything I had ever experienced from any other energy healer at any other point in my life.

All of this certainly surprised me, because I have experienced so very many energy sessions of all sorts, and I wasn’t expecting this profound effect at all, but I welcomed it happily. The energy and love available was so strong and deep, we sent some of it to Samson the cat to be used for healing for him as well.

At the end of our time together I felt wonderful, filled with joy and an overwhelming sense of peace. I was feeling strong and stable enough to visit my cat immediately thereafter.

Samson was hiding and highly and aggressively reactive when I first sat down next to the vet kennel cage but within a handful of minutes, the new and lovely calm energy I was pulsating with seemed to settle him by a great degree. What utter joy to behold. It was like I watched him morph before my eyes. Within minutes I was petting him- and he actually began to eat food. He had not eaten in days. Within half an hour I had (with expert instruction of course) removed his IV line and picked him up and placed him into his carrier and took him home.

Miraculously, Samson recovered completely and almost immediately from the still unknown issue that nearly took his life. More so than even that, a long-standing chronic problem with Samson’s poor digestion and constant constipation vanished! He is healthier and happier now than in the entire year and a half he has lived in my home! He is THRIVING and I am overjoyed. I attribute a great part of this miraculous healing to my session with David.

My Personal Energy Session With David Manning
My Personal Energy Session With David Manning

Beyond all of the joy of watching Samson recover so quickly, which was wonderful enough, the very next day I was facilitating my own Quantum Healing session with a local client and more surprises were in store for me.

During the healing portion of that session, I realized and quite suddenly, my own energy potential and access to healing was much more palpable and stronger than ever before! It felt familiar – it felt a bit like David’s energy and connection to Source Potential! I felt and knew that my own session with David the day before had activated something in me that allowed me to become a stronger and more effective healer for my own clients! And some of the magical storytelling was activated in me too!

I do believe some clearing of my ancient and ancestral history with David brought forth within me, an expanded awareness and a stronger connection to my organic multi-dimensional self. To put it very simply, I am a better and more effective practitioner in my own practice for my own clients after my energy session with David Manning. David is a rare and special being. I find him to be honest, humble, compassionate, powerful, wise, and gentle and just plain nice.

I could not recommend David Manning more highly.

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Article by Candace Craw-Goldman

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