My Solar Eclipse Experience by Hara Katsiki

My Solar Eclipse Experience by Hara Katsiki


Hara Katsiki practices in Berlin, Germany. She was a presenter at our European Practitioner Summit In May 2017 in Mainz, Germany. She has been a member of the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum Community since 2015. Below she shares her own personal experience after the recent eclipse.

My 2017 Solar Eclipse experience was very similar to that of Pamela Aaralyn’s and also Candace Craw-Goldman’s, and reading these accounts now have waves and shivers going through my spine.

My experience was this: I stayed inside, I fasted (not because I knew it would help but just because my body told me to do so. )

I sat down in silence, and connected with my heart and then with all life everywhere.

Pretty soon I got very emotional. Rivers of tears were running down my face. I cried so much. For more than 10 minutes. I felt the pain, the suffering of all beings and especially from Gaia, our beautiful mother.

I knew I was transmuting her pain. I have been doing this for a long, long time yet this time was stronger than ever. And then I saw Earth from far away. She was shaking.  She was soaking up all the love that WE WERE SENDING HER! She felt strong enough to make the shift!

At that moment it felt like a birth. The birth of a new humanity, off the New Earth. My excitement was enormous. The tears kept coming, yet this time in celebration and release.

That's when I saw Dolores Cannon looking at me – and all of us. With a trembling voice I said to her, “We are doing it! We are moving into the New Earth!”

She smiled with confidence and replied, “I knew you would. I had no doubt!”

And then I asked her, “Why did you decided to leave, and not be down here with us?”

And with a bigger smile she said, “Because I wanted to have a panoramic view of the event and celebrate you!”

Submitted with love,

Hara Katsiki

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