Myth Busters!

Myth Busters!


Quantum Healing facilitators often find themselves having to do some myth-busting before they are able to address individual client needs. Misperceptions, misunderstandings, soundbites out of context from teachers or even practitioners can sometimes be problematic for client understanding. In this video, the 7th in our 10 video “Get Ready” series, we present 12 of the biggest quantum healing myths.

How many of these myths have you heard of before? Got any new myths to add to our list?

In an effort to face even more of these limiting concepts head on, articles, videos and presentations by experienced energy healers are listed below. While there will be some differences of opinion about some of these topics, of course, thousands of quantum healers from our Community typically agree on nearly all of the concepts discussed in this collection.

Myth Busters by Chrysilla Lewies

I had a QHHT® Session but Could Not be Hypnotized

Visualization, Imagination and “I just made it all up.”

I Can't be Hypnotized and Other Hypnosis Myths

QHHT® and Making it Up

What is Hypnosis and What is it Not?

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