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Nature’s way

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

When one looks at a coppiced tree, one might feel sadness: why would anyone cut down branches of a tree? They are an important part of nature, especially the part that is essential in the creation of oxygen for us to be able to breathe fresh air.

Trees can be really old and their branches are as high as the roots are deep. Just looking up, seeing how tall and wondrous trees can be, and the beauty they behold, can be a sight to be remembered. If I were to you to imagine a beautiful place, how many times would those memories take you back to a place out in nature? We are part of nature and we are connected. Trees have experienced hardships in life: facing storms, torrential rain, periods of drought, and times where it was so windy that all they could do was hold on until it the storm died down; just as you and I have.

So when you look at those beautiful branches being cut down, this is what happens: Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management which exploits the capacity of many species of trees to put out new shoots from their stump or roots if cut down. In a coppiced wood, which is called a copse, young tree stems are repeatedly cut down to near ground level, known as a stool. The reason behind coppicing is not always known, and the public will look at it without knowledge, experience or understanding. By cutting down branches, it encourages new growth. This means the cut off material can then used to make various man-made items without killing the tree, and allowing it to regrow. 

Many artists can use cut off material to carve Green-man, or make walking sticks or weaving baskets. Therefore,  in essence we are helping each other.

Allow us to use that comparison and see how it applied to us. Like a tree, we also go through many difficulties in life where we face hardships: some days we are richer and fuller, and other days we are poorer where we just need to weather the storm. All of it brings experiences and lessons to learn from. You will grow again from those lessons, coming out on the other side with a better understanding and greater knowledge.

When life turns upside down and it feels like your world has ended, it is simply a branch that has been cut off, so that you can venture out into the world and find more growth and opportunities to regrow. If there wasn’t change in your life, you would possibly have continued on your chosen path, and would not have looked in any other direction. Your growth and learning would have been limited to only one thing. Do you see how change can be a good thing, although at first it will never seem that way?

Change is good – as good as a holiday

Take this time to look at your life and the decisions you have made. Do you feel fulfilled? What can you change in your life?

Let go of thinking that there is only one purpose for you, and embrace the idea that you bring more into the world than you think, and not just in one form. To lead a purposeful life, follow your passion and create adventure and challenges.

When you do that, you will be living and creating your life purpose.

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