New Earth Online Hypnosis Session by Lauren Hanson

New Earth Online Hypnosis Session by Lauren Hanson


Lauren Hanson is friends with Dan Hohlfeld, the host of “Talk is Cheap” YouTube show (K2D4 NETWORK)

On September 8, 2017, Lauren facilitated a Beyond Quantum Healing session with Dan on a variety of topics, that included information about the New Earth, “The Event” what is coming up September 23rd, the False Light Matrix, the Archons, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Hybrid ET Children Program, Vector Reality and one of the more interesting subjects turns out to be The Arc of the Covenant!

Lauren used a few questions provided by some of our Original Quantum Healing Support Forum Community members. The information provided by Dan’s Higher Self aligns with what many of us are hearing in our own sessions across the world. There was no specific agenda to the session except to get as much information as possible about the New Earth. Interestingly enough there were several topics that Dan was completely unfamiliar with, the Arc of the Covenant being one.

Possibly the MOST interesting thing about the session was the way it was facilitated! Dan, the subject was laying in his bed in Wisconsin and the practitioner, Lauren, was in her home in South Carolina. They connected via the Internet for this online healing hypnosis session using Skype, a video conference service. The technology worked beautifully and this video even shows the laptop screen with Lauren near where Dan was laying, facilitating the session just as if she were in the room with him. Pretty cool!

More and more quantum healers of a variety of modalities are expanding their practices to include remote or video sessions, understanding that communication can be achieved in many different ways with new technology and also that quantum healing works, well, quantumly! It is important to note that the session Lauren facilitated is a part of what some of us have been calling Beyond Quantum Healing. (This session was not QHHT®)

Interested in having a Quantum Healing session yourself? You can find Practitioners all around the world, and even ones who do sessions online, at quantumhealers.comOur Directory lists healers of all modalities.

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