Noise, Noise and More Noise


The following is a “Session Story” that I posted on the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum for Practitioners of Dolores Cannon’s method several years ago when I was still commuting down to the Austin, Texas area to do sessions. We had a tiny apartment there. It was only one bedroom, and quite small but we turned the living area into a dedicated space for me to do my QHHT sessions. I would drive down about once a month and stay a full week, usually doing sessions every day. 

The following story illustrates a few things about the magic of this work. How focus and trust and giving one’s self over completely to Dolores’ method (by both the client and the practitioner) can overcome what might initially seem to be an insurmountable obstacle. This story was about noise, and more noise and even more noise! Which is how it got its name.

When I arrived in Austin for my week’s worth of sessions, I noticed that the apartment complex was in a serious clean up, paint and landscape mode. Lots of activity was going on. I had sessions planned for each day of that week. I had the thought,  “This is going to be interesting.” And it was!

I had great sessions on that Monday and Tuesday and both days while the client was actually in trance, the gas generators, hammering, sawing and banging mysteriously faded away or stopped and all was quiet for the actual regression portion of the session where I needed to hear the client well. This was particularly pleasing to me as Tuesday's client was a very soft-spoken young man, who actually whispered in the session. I would not have been able to hear those whispers with the machines going on.

It really was SO noisy the rest of the time that I was starting to consider getting a hotel room for the rest of the week. But then I thought, as I always do, that Spirit or The SC as Dolores Cannon termed it, would help me out for all of my sessions or guide me or something! I didn't want to make a change. I loved that little apartment for sessions. I had so many wonderful miracles manifest right there. The very walls held a magical vibration.

The most interesting day of the week happened on Wednesday. It was noisy as we prepared for the session, but I started early on my client suggesting this method was so powerful and such that the noise would not bother her a bit, but I have to admit, I remained at least a little bit concerned, that it might just be too distracting.

They were painting the outside walls with an air compressor. There was power sawing running nearby, and hammering and many workers shouting. All of that had been happening all week but this day- there was more.

Just as I was having the client was settling into her Quantum Healing Experience, the Landscape contingent showed up. Mowers added their noise to all the rest. I had to speak louder to be heard. And then, the mowers left but the leaf blowers started, and they were much louder, and they went on and off and on and off and on and on and ON!

The client, however, seemed perfectly fine and not at all distracted. We so we kept on. But at that point, when the leaf blowers started, I had to stand up and hold the voice recorder by my mouth and then hers just to make sure our voices were heard over the increasing noise! The leaf blower fellas were really being thorough. They literally were under our window and balcony for 30 minutes or more! Then blessedly, they stopped. I was just starting to feel some peace in my own body and so pleased that my client was having a perfectly normal and perfectly wonderful session happening, when, I heard a chainsaw start up! They were chain-sawing limbs, with a long extension pole, just feet from our window and balcony, right by my client's head! Branches were hitting the ground and branches even hit the window inches from us both, and the noise from the saw was awful.

It didn't seem to matter for my client one bit. I had to pause, and often, because I could not hear myself talking nor hear her answers, but we kept on going.

Then the saw seemed to go quiet. Thank Goodness! I was just calming down and feeling better when. Oh my gosh, I could not believe it but, they parked a branch chipping/grinding machine directly under our balcony to grind up the big tree branches they just cut! This noise drowned out absolutely everything and was much louder than any of the previous noises! I knew the voice recorder would not be picking up our voices even if we were almost shouting.

I stood up for a moment. What in the world was I supposed to do now? I looked at my client. There she was on the bed lying still and apparently, at ease in her trance. No distress showed on her face at all. None.

I had no idea how long the chipping machine would run. It could run for hours for all I know. I told her Higher Self, and my own, and said out loud to myself and my client that, “It might be wise to take a break for a couple of minutes,” so I could come up with a plan.

I sat down in my chair in the midst of the incredible noise and looked at my peaceful-faced client and just wondered how just how long we both could manage what was happening. There she was peaceful and in a trance but there was also-deafening noise.

What should I do? I thought about all the ways to handle the situation, and, concluded that I didn't want to decide at all! I wanted Spirit to decide! After a very few minutes I silently said, “Okay…its up to you. What should we do?” I just remained at peace and tried to BE in the moment. Which, I tell you, was not very easy! I sat. I waited. I just trusted all would be well.

Within less than a minute the chipper stopped. The workmen, laughing all walked away from the building, I think it was time for their break, and we finished the last part of the session in blessed peace and quiet.

When I counted the woman out of trance, she just sat on the bed and blinked. Just like any other session. She was so amazed at her experiences, she never, not one time, even mentioned anything about the any of the noise and how loud it got at the end with the chipper. And because she did not, I did not think I needed to mention it either. I figured the less focus on that the better!

It was such a wonderful Quantum Healing session. In one life she experienced herself as a life form from another planet and she actually was able to take pen and paper and draw the how she perceived her body. She drew this image in incredible detail. She was granted healing for her physical issues and probably the nicest part of all was that she was there, above all, primarily to see whether or not she should remain in her troubled marriage. Her Higher Self gave her a very clear answer and a plan on how to move forward from that day forward, and it included remaining with her husband.

Before we started the regression, really, all indications were that she did not want to stay married, that she saw little hope for her “unawakend” and needy and very angry father of her children- and could not see many reasons why they should remain together. But her Higher Self had other things to say; profound, beautiful messages that changed absolutely everything for the client and her perspective on her relationship. She left our appointment knowing that she did not have to leave her husband and marriage after all. She could continue upon her path and keep her family intact. She could become an example for her husband and that it would help him to possibly awaken and find peace within himself.

Truly a very happy ending, for everyone. Including me!

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