Nurtured by a Dragon I Activation of Dragon imprints

Nurtured by a Dragon – Activation of Dragon imprints


This is the story of Fiona who was reunited with her dragon family and underwent the process of imprint exchange, switching the imprinting of human ancestry to that of her dragon family.

Fiona was a lady in her mid-thirties. She came to have a quantum healing session due to extreme tiredness. 16 hours of sleep were normal for her and she felt “like a rock that had sunk to the ocean floor” unable and unwilling to move.

She was a serious meditator so observing her own being state was easy and natural for her. Her ability to be the observer of her situation helped her to not spiral into a depression but to acknowledge the state of being she was in.

She felt stable in this unusual situation but she wanted to know what caused it. Why did she feel this way? Was she sick, she did not feel sick. Just like resting. She felt that deep changes were underway in her system and that giving in was the best thing she could do. To do so to the best of her abilities she thought understanding what was going on would help. 

During her session, she encountered a fire dragon. Red and orange flame. He described him to be the embodiment of joy and love. One of the most remarkable aspects of him was the absence of negativity, fear sorrow, he was PURE joy, PURE love, PURE kindness.

She was overwhelmed by his all-encompassing warm and nurturing energy. It was exactly the energy she needed the energy that she had been missing her entire life. Being in his presence it felt like the ice ages of her former life started to melt away. She had not known that this energy existed and certainly did not expect to be fully enveloped by it. Alongside her red dragon friend appeared other dragons to welcome her back into the family.

Family of dragons? Yes. They informed her that what she felt was a transformative process or rather a drastic change of DNA expression. Clearing out the imprinting of her family and line of human ancestors she had chosen in this lifetime and a replacement with her dragon imprint. 

The following month of her transformation she was lying in bed mostly, and she was never alone. Her beautiful red-orange companion was with her nonstop. Coddling her, soothing her, mocking her. Lovingly calling her his dragon-baby.

She emerged from this process changed. The felt warmer inside. Life looked so much nicer to her. She was able to feel more joy, laugh more, take things more lightly and for the first time felt truly at home in her skin.

Did her physical form turn into a dragon shape? Lol. No, it did not. Her dragon informed her that the imprint that was activated in her had nothing to do with the physical form but everything with the emotional and cultural expression of herself. She regained the roots of a strong, healthy and powerful ancestry by activating her dragon codings replacing them for the traumatic patterns she had taken upon her to transmute, cleanse and clear for humanity in the times of shifting. 

The change of imprints also marked the starting point of a new phase of life with new tasks.

Many of us humans today carry dragon codings that are waiting to be activated. When the time is right they will be.

Thank you for reading!


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