Observing the Channeler Countdown to Stephen Hawking

Observing the Channeler Countdown to Stephen Hawking

Consciousness Explorations

Article by Candace Craw-Goldman

In just a few hours I will be watching and also assisting Pamela Aaralyn as she channels the recently departed Stephen Hawking and the rest of the Spiritual A (Ascension) Team.

She'll be live on YouTube and the link to the show and the replay is here:


I currently happen to be visiting and staying with Pamela as we were working on another project, the development of her Quantum Alchemy™Course. Well, Hawking and the others had another plan for us that did not include our academic productivity. 

From the moment I began to pack for my trip the sychronicities began and, they have not stopped. From audio files and Dolores Cannon sessions popping up and beginning to play on my computer and iPhone to license plate and number prompts, dreams and coincidences and more it is as if my own energy is being swept up right alongside Pamela's as we draw near the time of the show.

Currently the most vocal of the team is Hawking – and everyone – especially Pamela is surprised at his request to be heard. 

Yes, this channeling is at his request! In 18.5 years of channeling professionally Pamela has made it a policy to not contact beings so quickly after they leave the Earth plane. This channeling was not instigated by Pamela and actually the timing is pretty disruptive to her life and our former class plans. This man died on March 14, the birthday of Albert Einstein, another member of the A team. This was barely 3 days ago, and channeling of anyone who has been out of the physical realm for such a brief time is highly unusual for many channels. Pamela wants to make it clear it was not, and is not her idea, but she has agreed to it.

And here I am to witness, and assist.

My first night here, the night of the 15th, was a very restless one. It felt a bit like there was a party going on in the room next to mine. I kept waking up, and not because there was any audible noise, but it was exactly what it felt like.

Pamela did not really sleep. Apparently it is primarily Hawking who is bending Pamela's ear, with plenty of input from Cannon and some from Masaru Emoto. Einstien and NikolaTesla have been fairly quiet as their science-minded colleague keeps Pamela from her rest.

Today has been more sedate for me, but Pamela is often visibly vibrating with energy. She will also suddenly stop mid stride or mid-sentence and say something very, ahem, “scientific” about brain fuction or matter creation and I will ask, “What does THAT mean?”  She will either say she doesn't know, or wait to see if the explanation from Hawking was forthcoming.

A little while ago Pamela was directed to a book on her shelf. “He said to go read page 419,” So she picked up the book and flipped open to the page. “He wants me to read about the Infinite Mind.”

As I sit on the sofa, finishing up this article, Pamela just looked over at me and said, “He just told me how he was able to survive ALS for so many years.  He partially activated the 'god particle.' As an atheist, he did not know this while he was still alive.”

Stay tuned. I am sure there is more interesting information coming.

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