Opening Portals

Opening Portals

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Violeta Stoica dives deep into her QHHT® session facilitated by Kaleah LaRoche, both quantum healing practitioners. Here Violeta explains how Quantum Healing Hypnosis is opening up portals for her and all other Quantum healing sessions around the world.

Opening Portals Bw

Quantum Healing has given new insight and clarification on portals that were seen several years ago. As I connected to my Higher Self, I cannot help but wonder why this never made sense before until now.

As I facilitated two different sessions two weeks apart, I was able to see two different portals. One was colorful, slowly rotating counter-clockwise and a diameter of one and a half yards. It appeared to have various colored brush strokes on the wall and they were slowly rotating. The second portal were colorless with only gray nuances, still and not moving, although it was the same size. They were both opening up on the wall behind the client’s head while I facilitated Quantum Healing session, and they remained for what felt like a half an hour. As I observed, it seemed that I was the only person seeing the portal as the clients didn’t ask about them in either session. ‘Was I purely imagining them?’ I thought, as I turned my eyes from the portal to the client and back again. They did not dissipate and I had no choice to believe that what I was seeing was truly there.

Why were they being shown to me, what are they, and what is the significance? The information had to be discovered in my own Quantum Healing Session. Is this something that people should know about and is it harmless? I couldn’t help but wonder.

My own Quantum Healing session took place in Romania two years ago. There was no one to facilitate a session until that time. I was told that in every Quantum Healing session a portal is opened up for a client and it is up to the client if they want to connect to it or not. If the portal is rotating and colorful, it means the client is open to receive. If it is a still and colorless, the client hasn’t allowed for it to be open or is not ready yet in that moment. My understanding is that this happens in every session and not only in mine but all QH  sessions around the world.

Through these portals will come information, energies and beings. I was made aware that they exist and that was all that was appropriate for me know at the time. My own portal was an intense purple color that was behind my head. The image shown was a tunnel that opened up above me and moving downwards. It was like playing the old video game Tetris where a puzzle pieces came down and fell into place. The tunnels had different colors and I was unable to make sense of what was coming down until I went into the past life where I have now finally received an answer that makes it all clear.

Below is the transcript of the session and the answers given to me by my higher self.”

Violeta- It is an individual journey that each client will take. It depends on what they choose. It’s like the portal opens up with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and it is up to the client if they get to see it or not.

The portal that was moving and colorful was for someone that was willing to allow compared to the other person with the still colorless portal that was not. It is ultimately their choice. Clients do not go through these portals but it is more energy or ideas that comes through them and they have to be open to receptive. The more they are open and allow, the bigger the portal. It is not up to us the facilitator but it is up to the clients.

Conclusively Quantum Healing opens up a portal for each client. There is no conversation or interaction between the client and their Higher Self to decide if they want their portal to be open. They will remain unaware of it if they are not ready to see such things.

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