Pamela Aaralyn on Vaccinations and Your Belief System

Pamela Aaralyn on Vaccinations and Your Belief System


Question of the day: “Do you think it’s possible to purify vaccinations through alchemy & intention?? I’m about to give birth to a gentle baby girl & the dreaded decision of vaccinations is strongly on my mind. I would love to understand if energetic purification is an option to protect my bubba.”

Pamela’s Answer: From the logical perspective with what I’ve learned about vaccinations so far, it would be far easier to protect your baby from the diseases themselves than to protect and recover from vaccination injuries. With this being stated, being that you have fear at some level of both vaccines and of the diseases themselves, you are highly aligned towards belief-based conditions (and so is the baby).

What if you could diffuse the negative beliefs, and then change them into more positive, beneficial beliefs? The safest and most practical belief might be to do your own research not just with science, but within the deepest Divine Nature of your Heart. Then and only then, go forward and make a choice. BELIEVE in that choice. BELIEVE that your baby is already protected.

What if you could believe you don’t need protection? The need for protection implies there is need to fear. Fear attracts conditions and diseases. Depending on where your fear and believe is, vaccinations could be life saving or life devastating. But what if there is something in between?

At the far end of the scale is fear and belief in vaccinations because that is what society teaches you. Somewhere up the scale is knowing in your heart that vaccines are toxic and that YOU are responsible for your health and immunity (and that of your child’s). There is another level of consciousness wherein there is no time and this world is a dream-based matrix designed for your expansion. You are the dreamer of this dream. What will you dream? How powerful will your beliefs help?

What if it mattered not what your decision will be? What if the truth is that you personally create and are responsible for whatever outcome that happens? At this level of consciousness, you are given the Tools of Absolute Grace.

The caution is: don’t try to be where you’re NOT on this scale of consciousness. Go within and find out where you are with it, and make the best decision. It’s not about what you decide but how and why you decide that is important. You could decide FOR vaccines out of fear and victimhood. You could decide AGAINST vaccines out of fear and victimhood, each decision being equally devastating.

I feel you and I’m here holding space as you make your decision.

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