Past Life Or Symbol – And Does It Even Matter?


Sometimes we encounter memories in sessions, in dreams or spontaneously during our day. Sometimes we identify them to be from this lifetime and sometimes to be from another lifetime and sometimes we are not sure. Was this imagination? Was it the Truth? Did it really happen? Did it really happen to me?

Personally I do not consider it too relevant. For me, it is relevant what the memory means to you, how it makes you feel, which process it triggers and thus how it can provide growth in your current life.

Memories of any kind can be a starting point for personal transformation, self-realization and help unravel unsolved problems with people or with life in general. They can be the piece of the puzzle that was missing to understand a certain trait a certain preference, indifference, dislike.

It can be an access point for inner healing when the memory really is merely a reminder of where the wound is that is embedded deep in your system and an invitation to have a closer look and be with it care about it, embrace it and heal it.

Most of this process is not done on the intellectual level the level that distinguishes between right and wrong, true or not true. It happens on the emotional level, the energetic level, and the smallest aspect will be in the mind that notices a change – and in the best case does not question it.

So whether you consider a memory to be a real past life or a symbol or a creation of the subconscious is entirely up to you.

After all, is not everything we creating our dreams and our very intense dream that we call real life a creation of us, a reflection of us on the outside and therefore a story we form, a story we create and which is reflected back to us. 

Anything that helps you to connect more deeply with your true essence is helpful and to me that is all that really counts.

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