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Past Life Regressions, Where do I start?


I'm really interested in doing some past life regression therapy, but don't know where to start, could you help?

Probably the first thing to ask yourself is why are you interested? Do you have a specific issue in your life you are addressing? Or are you simply curious about the concept and want to experience a session to learn more about PLRs (Past Life Regressions)?

Knowing why you are exploring any new subject is helpful not only for your own benefit but that of your practitioner! The following are some common reasons people seek  a PLR:


Some people have a physical challenge that they have been dealing with usually for a while. They want to learn more about why they are facing this challenge, and if it can be released, resolved or mitigated.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but specific relationships and even patterns in relationships can often be revealed in a regression session and help clients to more peacefully co-exist with people in their lives, particularly family but sometimes also co-workers or others with whom they must interact. Forgiveness of self and others, is often addressed.

Life Path/Purpose

Most regressionists have discovered that we choose to incarnate into this existence with a plan or outline for our life as a human. That plan can be highly specific and detail particular goals of all kinds or it might be as simple as, “just be.”  

Mysteries or Lost Time

Some people have regression sessions because they have lost memories of specific events or even large chunks of time, such as years of their own childhood. Other people have wondered about contact with ETs (Extraterrestials) or EDs (Extradimensionals) or Angelic beings.  These memories can be refreshed and some mysteries solved in a session.

Cosmic or Ancestral Family

Having a PLR often brings forth a wealth of information and understanding about our cosmic origins and explains certain affinities and connections in our lives. Other sessions explain human ancestral patterns of concepts such as service, power or poverty.

My teacher Dolores Cannon used to say she wasn’t keen on people coming to her for “curiosity” sessions. I believe she was making the point that one should take the experience fairly seriously. Toward the end of her life most of Dolores’ sessions were with people who had great physical or emotional challenges in their lives, and as she had a years-long waiting list, the simple curiosity seeker didn’t fit her plan.

But a deep longing to understand one’s origins and purpose is something quite different than “curiosity.” It is my opinion that this is as valid a reason as any to have a session and some of these type of sessions have been noteworthy in my own experience.

So, you now that you understand why you want a session, what’s next?

There is certainly a wealth of information available to you. Of course, there are Dolores Cannon’s own written words, she published more than 20 volumes about her work. Some of my favorites are “Jesus and the Essenes,” “The Convoluted Universe Series” and “The New Earth and the Three Waves of Volunteers.”  But one very basic and straightforward work of hers, “Three Lives Remembered” is a book that someone just starting out the entire concept of reincarnation might enjoy and benefit from the most.

Dolores and others on YouTube talk about regressions and there are many, many different practitioners around the world now offering all different types of regression work. Brian Weiss also taught practitioners his method of PLR and Michael Newton focused his work specifically on the experience beings can have between Lives. (LBL)

After doing your research, you might be ready to have a PLR yourself…what now?

You can listen to music or recordings or self-hypnosis audio that have been created specifically to help you have a session all by yourself. You can also read, or imagine, you can daydream, you can meditate or journal your own nighttime dreams to begin your own exploration of consciousness and past lives.

But often people like help and finding a practitioner with whom you connect will provide a more cohesive experience than what you might experience on your own. So, the next thing to do is find someone with whom you are comfortable and can trust, because that comfort and trust will allow you to open up which is the key to having a satisfying experience!

We list many types of PLR Practitioners on our Directory Website. QHHT, LBL, PLR and even Beyond Quantum Healing is offered by practitioners who are taking the work in new and expanded directions. Look at the practitioners’ profiles, read their bios and see with whom you connect. Send them an inquiry or give them a call to make sure your energies align nicely and if you have a session, we’d love to hear about how it. Send us a message or an email to  Have a wonderful Journey!

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