Please assign me no LABELS

Please assign me no LABELS


An Essay by Tara Davis

Please assign me no labels, for I am the sum of all I have ever been; and, I have been many, many things. I am not the same person I was yesterday and I am drastically different from who I was ten years ago. I know that this is true for you too, and I know this BECAUSE this is true for me, and we are all having this human experience together. We all love to eat, need to sleep, and want to create extraordinarily beautiful things within our lives–whatever that is to us personally. Just as we all also experience the depths of love, joy, anger and hurt to levels that can completely incapacitate us.

I may look like a straight white female, but I am the sum of everything I have ever been, and I am aware of aspects of myself that extend beyond this life. I am sure I was a black slave in my previous ‘life’ (although time is not linear and everything is actually happening all at once) as well as a being a different being on another planet. I feel more and more whole the more I discover about myself, on both the microcosm and macrocosm levels, or on the individual and cosmic levels if you will.

In this life that I am focused on though, I am a little bit of everything. I am experiencing and gathering as much information as I can with an open mind. I take what resonates deep within and incorporate it into my being. I am willing to bet we all do this, just to varying degrees. The more I have allowed myself the chance to feel what resonates inside, the stronger this sense has gotten.

So that being said: I have been a child, a teenager, and now an adult and mother. I have been sexually abused, a drug addict, and an alcoholic. I have battled an eating disorder, been a dancer, as well as having almost killed myself a couple times, having a NDE with one. I have been homeless, poor and an atheist. I have ran with gangsters, foreigners, and people of various sexual orientations.

I am now at a point in my life where I have healed and transmuted so many of the lower aspects of myself to the point where they are no longer ‘driving the bus’, and it has helped me figure out what my personal definition of true freedom is. For healing has been the MOST freeing thing I have ever known, EVEN THOUGH I am still a work in progress. Self healing has opened the doors for me to discover my passions and talents/gifts I NEVER knew I had.

So now, I find myself a spiritual being who finds truths in all religions and sees them all ending in the same place. I subscribe to no political party because my views are on respecting all life, for I find it all sacred. I like science, new and old; because, as we come to new understandings, science evolves–even though the mainstream won’t broadcast it: that doesn’t make it ANY less true. I may be straight, but I can be sexually attracted to women and I have experimented with that in the past. I may be a white female, but boy can I feel the male in me, as well as the other races and beings I am discovering myself living as.

In conclusion: I subscribe to no one race, religion, political party, or creed because I find myself being a little bit of everything. I AM connected to everyone and everything, even you. We have the same needs and wants and that is something I think all of humanity can be united on. I don’t so much care what people’s pasts are and the mistakes they have made, I care about who people are TODAY. I can be seen as someone with a dark past but I appreciate all the hells I have experienced. I am who I am today because of them and I love who I am today, so I would not change a thing.

So please assign me no labels, because there is so much more going on then meets the eye. And me discovering that I do not like labels has caused me to not label you anymore. For I believe you are the sum of everything that you have ever done too and it has shaped you into the person you are today. There is more going on within you than what I can see, so what gives me the right to put you in a category or box of understanding? Nothing gives me that right.

This was hard to write because it is very personal and I have hidden a little bit in my “cosmic closet.” In these times where labels are running rampant and pumped into our minds only to separate us further, causing us to forget that the ‘other side’ are living beings just as us, I felt inspired to write this. There is no ‘us’ verses ‘them,’ it’s just us. Most of us have been to hell and back. I have been not the greatest person in the past, but that has all contributed to the wonderful person I know I am today. You can’t know the light with without the dark.

Labels only serve to limit and separate us from one another. The system is designed to keep us fighting amongst ourselves so we will be distracted from the truths of what’s really going on. Break off the shackles of labels and be all you can be.

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