Quantum Healing – A One Stop Shop or Not?

Quantum Healing – A One Stop Shop or Not?

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Quantum Healing – A One Stop Shop or Not?

Dolores Cannon always said that only one Quantum Healing session will ever be needed to assist clients with healing and answering their questions, but one of our practitioners Clarity Centre explains how one session may not be enough and that further explorations may be needed, or that clients may come back in the future with more questions needing help and guidance.

“I must admit that when I decided to study QHHT® I saw it as a one stop shop, no repeat business, client comes in and their entire life is healed. I was excited; I studied it and could hardly sleep. I’ve always looked for the simplest and easiest way, and QHHT® just looked like it was the final countdown. I guess in my head I thought they would have contentment and total healing.”

As practitioners, of course we want to help heal the world and the clients that walk through our doors, but it’s important to note that it’s not the practitioner that does the healing but the Higher Self of the client. Candace Craw-Goldman, the creator of BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) explained why Dolores believed that only one session was all that was needed: “One of the reasons Dolores did not focus on multiple sessions is because she truly considered this work as sacred and special and not one that should be viewed casually, or seen as any type of entertainment, a single session fit into that concept pretty nicely! Is it possible, QHHT® as a “one stop shop, no repeat business, client comes in and their entire life is healed? “Yes. Oh, absolutely yes. I STILL have clients write me emails and letters about their single life changing session. But there are no guarantees, and this does not happen for everyone, and yes many benefit from more than one session.”

Quantum Healer Donna Brenner shares her perspective and says “from my own personal experience in healing myself is that it happens in stages. Like layers of an onion: Some healing is complete and other layers take some time, persistence and unfolding. Are we truly ever done healing and expanding?” Each person is unique and will process what they are going through differently from the rest, and clients and practitioners alike are all on their own journey of discovery and healing.

Maybe it is all about the intention and that is exactly what the BQH practitioners focus upon.  By infusing water with the intention of the client with the water alchemy process, and also by doing a heart and mind coherence process so that we align our hearts and minds to properly prepare, making BQH a magical experience and powerful experience for our clients.

It is a big step for our clients to take to decide to have a Quantum Healing session and a bigger step to find the right practitioner, especially when they know they need assistance. As practitioners, we will assist our clients to explore their subconscious mind and help them move forward to become the best version of themselves.

Anyone can practice BQH, and you don’t need any prior experience as everything will be taught in the BQH course which is only a click away. You can save 10% off the course by using this code: SILLA10

Article by Chrysilla Lewies


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