Quantum Healing And Water

Quantum Healing and Water

Beyond Quantum Healing

Patricia Grootjans is a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner, and is well known within our community for facilitating surrogate Quantum Healing sessions, and assisting clients who may have difficulty going into trance themselves.  She is based in Middelburg, Zeeland, in the Netherlands and does sessions in-person as well as online. In the following article she explains how one can work with intention with water, crystals or light. 

Article by Patricia Grootjans

Since I have travelled to the future in a quantum healing session, I started receiving many messages about water. It made me dive into the new “Water Science,” where Dr Masaru Emoto was a major inspiration on combining science with the effects of our thoughts and emotions on water. I discovered some extraordinary things that water is capable of. It truly is the most miraculous substance on this planet. Just as miraculous as our body, which consists mostly of water. Many ‘new’ water scientist emphasizes the healing properties of water. I asked myself if water can be healing on a physical level, and what effect would water have on a spiritual level?

In my book ‘Ocean of Love, Quantum Healing for All’ water is one of the major subjects. In this book, I describe how I discovered that I can heal water: healing lakes, rivers, oceans, has become part of my life, and I can only guess if this healing of water has any measurable effect. However, I did find how my own body received healing every time I was sending healing energy to a lake, a river or an ocean.

I have experienced it many times when guiding others in a quantum healing session how the body responds to the suggestions of material substances. One example is the effect of crystals in a quantum healing session. It is almost a stronger effect when working with an imagined crystal, compared with working with a physical crystal.

Last night I had been watching some videos on YouTube, where Dr Gerald Pollack talks about the healing effect on our body when we insert ‘negatively charged’ water, which he calls EZ-water. (Exclusion Zone water) in our body. The best way to insert EZ water into our body, according to Dr Gerald Pollack, is by juicing, drinking coconut water, turmeric and by using infrared light.

Now this made me wonder, if imagined crystals have a stronger effect on our body than the actual crystal itself, then what would be the effect of imagined infrared light?

It was time for me to get some sleep, yet I wanted to test if I could have any benefit from imagined infrared light on my body. As I went to bed, I imagined I was surrounded by a pyramid of light. I do this quite often,  but this time I decided to imagine I was surrounded by a pyramid of infrared light that was shining its infrared light on my body as well as shining on every cell in my body.

As I was imagining this infrared light I fell asleep. I always have a healthy sleeping pattern, but I kept waking up, finding myself transpire as if I had been sleeping with the heating on, and no matter what I did, I kept on feeling this heat and unable to sleep because of it. Tossing and turning, I finally  said out loud (as if anyone could hear me) “Can someone turn off that heat?” Then it got to me, I had fallen asleep with the infrared light activated and completely forgot that I should also turn it off again.

I visualised a new pyramid, this time with white light and doze of having a wonderful night sleep.

I woke up realising I had found an answer to my question: We can absolutely feel the effect of imagined infrared light, and although this had kept me from sleeping as I forgot to turn it off, I did feel the infrared light had done its job and increased the EZ water in my body, as I felt my level of fitness and health had increased.

Would you like to use quantum healing and self-hypnosis to increase EZ water in your body? All you have to do is visualise inserting green juice and light into your cells. And remember, when you try the infrared light, don’t forget to turn it off after the session.

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