Quantum Healing Lifts Us Up In Tough Times

Quantum Healing Lifts Us Up In Tough Times

Consciousness Explorations

Happiness may seem like an impossible pursuit for millions of adults facing anxiety or depression. Sometimes, anxiety and depression can be so severe that they interfere with our ability to work, socialize, or otherwise lead a meaningful life. If you are battling either of these conditions, or you are facing a stressful moment in your life, rest assured you are not alone. Losing a loved one, a job, undergoing a divorce or other difficult situation can create various emotional blocks, which a Quantum Healer can help eliminate.

Your thoughts and emotions give shape to your physical reality. When you are positive and open-minded, it is a good sign that energy is flowing through your body in an optimal way. When you are negative, closed towards others, or you have little belief that things can get better, it is a sign that your chakras may be blocked.

You may have already heard the concept of chakras if you are already interested in energy healing. Your body has seven chakras, and they are located along the spine, neck, and the crown of the head. Each chakra responds to different organs, as well as physical, mental and spiritual aspects. All chakras contain Prana which is known as life force energy: a force that can be accessed with the help of Quantum Healing.

Healing for All

Seniors can be particularly prone to depression as a result of the loneliness they face. They may live far from their relatives and can struggle to accept the loss of loved ones and friends. Quantum Healers can help the elderly feel more positive and could help ease their pain. The elderly often need to make financial decisions involving their health and long term goals. These decisions require clear, uncluttered thinking and are best made when one is in a positive, productive frame of mind. Of course, seniors are not the only group that can benefit from Quantum Healing. Children as young as six or seven can experience stressful situations such as bullying and by addressing these possible blockages in energy, it can wield positive results. In reality, Quantum Healing is beneficial for all age groups.

Higher Vibrations

Quantum healing essentially enables people to essentially heal themselves. Using a variety of modalities and approaches from across the spectrum of alternative and energetic healing traditions, the idea is that every human has access to a healthier version of themselves, and can often step into that version with the assistance of a caring and focused practitioner. Direct energetic assistance can come from the energy field of the practitioner in the following way: The quantum healer first places himself or herself into a higher vibrational state, creating a field in the personal space they are healing. The practitioner’s energy then flows through this field, and eventually, the person’s vibrations will match those of the healer. Other quantum healers use hypnosis or visualization techniques to assist their clients in finding this higher vibrating state within their own consciousness or energetic field of potential. There are also healers that assist their clients with a more physical body focus and offer suggestions on movement and exercise or may suggest a higher vibrational diet by eating fresh organic food.

Vital Lessons

Quantum Healers can help those facing vicissitudes in life, and in more ways than through the healing session itself. They can act as guides and encouraging those they are treating to take up activities that lower stress. Mindfulness-based activities such as yoga, Tai Chi, or reciting mantras have been found to be powerful stress busters. By keeping the mind in the present, they enable us to escape negative cycles that ensue when we remain stuck in the past or when we constantly worry about our future.

Our body or spiritual intelligence is far more capable than we give it credit for; each of us has the ability to experience the joy and health that comes from an optimal flow of energy through our body, mind, and spirit. If you are undergoing a tough time in life, Quantum Healing can assist you to feel more empowered that will allow you to open your heart and mind to the wonder of your life.

Article by Jane Sandwood, A Freelance Writer

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