Quantum Healing with Candace with Heather Alice Shea

Quantum Healing with Candace with Heather Alice Shea


I had the great pleasure of meeting Heather Alice Shea in Arkansas in 2013. I’ll never forget seeing her for the first time. Her energy is so sparkly and she was covered in a violet light. I don’t usually see auras but Heather’s is so bright and beautiful I think anyone can sense it even if they cannot see the colors.

Heather has an amazing life story of illness and miraculous healing and communication beyond the veil. It launched her into her current focus of Intuitive Coaching and assisting other healers with their own practice. But our beautiful Heather isn’t in any kind of stasis, she is creating and manifesting big, bold new ideas on how to literally help change the world we live in.

Join me as I catch up a little bit with Heather in this recent Quantum Healing with Candace Show.

Heather Alice Shea is High-Vibe Intuitive Guide and Coach and Higher Self EXPERT. She is one of our featured speakers at the Quantum Healing 5D and Beyond Conference hosted by Candace Craw-Goldman and Michelle Waling in Sarasota October 6-7, 2017.

This gathering is for the PUBLIC and cutting edge quantum healers- because we ALL are healers!

Tickets and Conference info-


To learn more about Heather Alice Shea and her practice, please visit her listing here

or find her on her website: http://www.heatheraliceshea.com


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