Reality Creation Event - The 2 Minute Photoshoot

Reality Creation Event – The 2 Minute Photoshoot


As a Quantum Healer I speak often with clients about how their thoughts, intentions, emotions and internal feelings can shift many things including events and situations in our everyday lives. I keep this in mind for my own life as well and the following story is a fun example I’d like to share.

Not long ago, it was actually Thursday September 21, to be precise, my good friend Veterinarian Jessica Harrison sent me a text. Would I be interested in taking a photo of her “team” in front of the new clinic the very next day? Even though I ‘retired” from professional photography quite a while ago I am still an image-making enthusiast. 

“How many people?” I asked. “Eleven,” she answered. “And maybe some of our pets. And maybe a couple of horses. (Pause.) Possibly a goat.”

I sat blinking at the phone. When I did pro photography I shot at rodeos and horse shows and had many portrait shoots of horses, and horses and people, and dogs, and groups. Any photographer with experience in these areas knows that once you start getting more than about 3 people together and then add an animal, the odds of that great shot, especially if it is a posed one, being easy to capture go down. Simply getting everyone’s eyes open and looking at the camera at the same time increase exponentially with each additional person. Add a squirming dog and a horse and the odds go down even more. 

“Call me?” I texted. We had to talk about this in more detail.

Jessica explained that she’d been trying to get everyone at the same place at the same time for quite a while for a group photo and it just so happened everyone would be free at 5:30 that next day. She knew it was very late notice but had simply imagined it would be me taking the shot.

I talked to her about all of my experience with groups and animals. I told her I was game to try but 11 people and some animals might take some “doing.” She said, “I have a good feeling about this.” Hmmmm.

Jessica and I have had many magical experiences together. Many miraculous animal healing stories to share with the world. I love her like a little sister and also respect her as an open-minded and whip-smart vet. So I gathered my equipment, no longer the big professional gear, but a decent Prosumer Nikon camera and then looked at the weather report for the next day. 30 mile an hour winds, 90+ temperatures and the clinic faced West- directly into the sun. Not the best report. At all. Winds mess up hair and blow things around to spook horses and the absence of any clouds to soften the shadows and help people look toward the sun with opened eyes meant more challenges. But- I too, had a good feeling about this.

As we were moving into the equinox and watching so much of our own powers of co-creation, I looked at the forecast before bed that night, still calling for clear skies all day and wind. We needed some clouds. So as I slipped into Alpha and Theta before sleeping I imagined clouds rolling in to cut the strong afternoon sun. Later, Jessica told me she did the same thing.

The next day I showed up. So did all 11 of the others. So did 8 dogs. 2 cats. 2 goats, 2 horses, a turtle and a bearded dragon! 

All but the horses were in the lobby. A couple of the dogs were herding the goats who were jumping all over the place. The two cats were in harnesses, but Cottonball, the white cat, was wriggling so hard I thought she was going to pull a Houdini and escape. I watched the bearded dragon run so fast up his owner’s shirt I thought he might fall off. I was standing in a veritable zoo. And they wanted a “posed” group photo!

Even though it was still very hot and windy, the good news was that there were some clouds rolling in, and more than once we had a cloud go over the sun briefly. This just might work – for lighting that is. But having the animals cooperate and the humans eyes open all at the same time? Who knows? It was time to try. 

“Go get the horses, lets go outside.” I checked the time stamp on my camera, it was exactly 5:42pm as everyone began to file out the door. I took a couple of test shots while the group formed. The shadows were very harsh, the cats and the goat were still jumping and squirming the dogs sniffing in circles. The time? 5:43.

 I was a little worried about Cottonball the cat. She was NOT happy, and I really thought she might squirm out of her harness.

I looked up into the sky. There was ONE cloud that was any where near the sun. I watched the wind- maybe it would work, but no- the wind was going to blow the cloud further from the sun. Oh well. “Make sure you are inside of the farthest pumpkins,” I said loudly to the crowd into the wind as a simple direction, and I turned and took a few steps out into the parking lot. That was at 5:44.

When I turned around, everyone was in place. In exactly the right place like I had placed them individually with little x marks. I was stunned, I didn’t have to tell anyone to do anything. A few of the dogs were still moving about, the horses were adjusting themselves and the wind- well, it sort of died down just then.

I told everyone I would take several shots and at the count of THREE to try to open their eyes into the sun. As soon as I took just two group shots I felt the temperature shift and the wind slow even more. I looked up. That cloud moved backwards, and its edge was cutting the light of the sun- just exactly what we wanted! Wow! “Hey the cloud is helping, 1,2,3….1,2,3… one more shot….1,2,3.” I looked up again the cloud was completely over the sun and the light shifted again, I took two more shots and looked down at the camera.

Stunned, I said, “I think we are done.” The time was 5:45. I walked into the clinic out of the sun to more clearly look at the shots to make sure but there it was- one of the mere handful of shots that was absolutely perfect. The dogs sitting, each person’s eyes open, the goat was looking right at the camera, so was the black cat, and BOTH of the horses had their ears pricked forward. Not an easy thing to capture on one horse let alone two at one time.

The light was PERFECT. There was gentle warm sun on everyone’s face because merely the edge of the cloud was cutting the light. That moment was less than one second…in the shoot. The shots before were too harsh, the shots afterward a bit too grey.

It was – the perfect shot. It was exactly how Jessica imagined it. It was the easiest group shot of animals and people I have ever done and it was the most people and animals in a single shot I have ever created and the whole shoot start to finish was over in about 2 minutes.

Here is the final shot- with one little perfect cloud in the sky as an accent.

I have to think this was an orchestrated and consciously co-created event, with the Divine, each being, and the elements to boot.  It was “just” a photoshoot, so in the scheme of things not a really big deal, but it really was to me, and to Jessica too! I have been a part of so many of these “co-creations” and especially lately, that the way this little photo came together, with such ease and near perfection, in the space of just 2 minutes time still astonishes me, and fills me with gratitude.

Have you experienced something similar? Share your story with us below!

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