Sarasota – The Conference and Trusting the Universe


Two weeks from today I get on a plane to head to Sarasota for Michelle Walling and my Quantum Healing 5D and Beyond Conference!

Hurricane Irma had us in suspense- Sarasota Florida was in her path and by all accounts was a huge and angry storm capable of severe destruction. Then, she softened, and the devastation that seemed immanent to so many became something much less than expected.

And so many of us breathed a sigh of relief.

Florida is still cleaning up and taking care of all of that needs taking care of after a storm like this, but I am happy to confirm, all is on for the conference, and all is well at our venue too! As a matter of fact, the Holiday Inn was a hurricane shelter and received high marks for service and safety during the peak of the storm.

After the storm moved through the area, reports started to come in from friends and family about how they fared and how their homes and businesses fared. Almost everyone was grateful and astonished at the minimal amounts of damage and the small window of time they had to spend without electrical or Internet service. 

After making sure my loved ones were safe and accounted for I made an inquiry at the little bed and breakfast cabin that I had rented for my week’s stay in Sarasota. I had been assured the neighborhood it was in had experienced minimal damage.  The news at first was cryptic then quickly became apologetic. My reservation was being cancelled due to damage that would make the little guest house that was situated in one of Sarasota’s nicest neighborhoods was now, deemed “uninhabitable.”

Odd- but there it was. I had to make new plans.

So now what?

I looked at the options of other places and considered staying at the Holiday Inn for the week but was not deeply inspired by either of those choices. I had imagined being closer to the water!

 So I just – waited.

I did not have to wait long. Out of the blue a friend of mine offered a space on a boat that was tethered in the area. I could stay there- a bed, a shower, air conditioning and a coffee pot. Would I be interested?

Oh my goodness would I? Why, yes I would!

Being in Sarasota is about being on the beach and being by the water. To be able to actually sleep and spend time on the water on a lovely vessel sounds heavenly to this Kansas girl. I like- no- I love the prairie, but I would very much like a chance to sleep in a little cabin in a boat on the water, thank you very much!

This is a small but lovely example of trusting what is coming, what is best, what the universe or Creator has in store for you without having to exert a massive amount of control. Things just seem to “work out” if you don’t stress too much or try to force things to reflect your preconceived notion.

As cool as that little cabin was and as much as I was looking forward to staying there? I am actually much happier to stay on the boat. And- I will save a bit of money in the bargain!

I am grateful.

There are still a couple of handfuls of tickets left for the Conference so locals or others who would like to visit the city of Light are encouraged to purchase soon before they run out. Here is a LINK to all the information you need.

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