Service to Others:  Awakened and Ready Summit

Service to Others: Awakened and Ready Summit


The Awakened and Ready Summit brings some of today’s most significant influencers in the fields of mind-body-spirit, sacred sexuality, health & wellness, spirituality, meditation & mindfulness, along with many amazing healers, intuitives, and clairvoyants together all in one place. Online. For FREE.

It all starts on Feb. 26th, 4 interviews a day, for 8 days!

Consciousness Coach Mike Picone has felt the call to assist and I am so incredibly honored and grateful to be a part of this event.

I’ve noticed something significant that has been happening for a while now but is really ramping up in 2018, and that is, when healers come together, the power of their combined intentions and frequency can produce amazing results! Just tuning in to one or two of these speakers by listening could really expand your life and your world. 

You might recognize a great number of these names but I bet a few of them will be new for you, as they were for me. I myself am looking forward to learning and expanding and plan on tuning in on MONDAY! Join us won’t you? My own speaking slot is on day one. 🙂 Just click this link to register!

Many Blessings to you all,

Candace Craw-Goldman

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