Shivers, Tingles and Truth Bumps

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Many people have begun their path to a spiritual awakening. They start to have new interests in things like eating clean food, mindful meditation and energy healing, and they start to lose interest in things like celebrity gossip, mainstream news or the latest and greatest electronic gadgets or games.

There are a lot of you out there, and there are more people awakening every day! Spiritual groups forming in real life and on the Internet on websites like Facebook have become innumerable.

This morning in such a group I saw a question posed by a new member; they had recently made a decision to quietly do a mental energy clearing at a local sporting event that had seen two quick injuries in a row. As soon as the decision was made, this person felt a strong rush of tingles move up their spine to the top of their head. They had never felt something quite that strong before and wondered if this was their “kundalini energy” rising they’d read about.

Where there are many varied signs and symptoms of kundalini rising, tingles and energy rushes among them, the members of the group who responded generally replied that their sense was that this person was experiencing “truth” goosebumps.

Variously termed truth bumps, truth shivers, and the aforementioned “truth” goosebumps it has been my experience that this physical sensation is one that signals actual truth or “rightness” in the body.  It is literally your intuition “raising your vibration” in that moment. It is a powerful body signal that can and does increase in intensity over time.

As a matter of fact, I chimed in on the discussion to respond to the inquiry too, and as I was stating that these shivers come to me in response to profound truth, I experienced the shivers as I typed the words on my computer.

Truth bumps can and will come in for you too, especially as you awake and walk upon your own spiritual path and you quiet your mind and still your body at regular intervals. You might want to begin to “check in” with yourself about the way day to day events literally “feel” in your body, if you don’t already do so. That is one way to invite your intuition to shake up your life a little bit. In a good way, with truth bumps!

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