Spiritual Gaslighting

Spiritual Gaslighting


By Guest Writer, Chameice Daniel RH

I am seeing a new “spiritual” trend emerging; people that consider themselves to be more evolved than the average human, so they share their collected truths with others as “the way” to this or that. When the “less” evolved human disagrees with their truth and instead desires to continue their own truth path (the reason is irrelevant) the truth sharer says it is cognitive dissonance. This term is being thrown around like crazy now.

Cognitive dissonance essentially means holding two opposing thoughts at the same time. Example: I (emphasis on the I!) want to lose weight, but…I want to eat healthier, but…The context of how I see it being passed around lately is “you don’t agree with my personal truth and it is the truth, so you not agreeing with my personal truth and holding onto yours is cognitive dissonance.”

Sorry, beautiful soul, but no! What you are sharing isn’t part of their journey now or maybe ever. It might be a timing glitch or a complete vibrational misalignment. Instead of attempting to use psychological Kung Fu on them, honor their truth. Please watch these practices because they do more harm than good.

This is “spiritual” gaslighting: My truth is your truth. Never mind how you feel or what you need to evolve at your own rate of speed. I know best. This is a power drain and will knock you out of alignment. If it doesn’t feel right to you, it isn’t right now. If it was, you would be intrigued and interested. You might cycle back around to it at a later time because you just needed it introduced to you, so you could start to align with it at your own pace.

Doing things a certain way does not make us more evolved! Yes, many things help keep us clear, harmonize our energetic output into the world, etc. BUT, only when you go at your own pace and honor yourself so you don’t energetically fracture. ❤️

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