Spontanious Regression

Spontanious Regression

Metaphysical Musings

Camille Charles is a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner, and practices out of Tallahassee, Florida.

As a BQH practitioner, practicing Quantum Healing Hypnosis; how we use our voice is of utmost importance. So, one day I was working on a way of practicing the BQH induction. I recorded myself speaking the induction as a way to practice, using my voice in a meditative soothing way. I also sprinkled in a few questions with long pauses after each question. Then later that night, I listened to the recording to get an idea of how I sounded. I ended up going on my own journey, and this is what I experienced.

I lived within a nebula in space with a group of other beings. The nebula had a kind of electrical charge to it. It was also a way for us to recharge ourselves after a long day of work. We didn’t eat, nor did we have physical bodies. We just consumed the electrical energy of the nebula. It was home to us. 

I’m an orb of light that could change, and pulse different colors of light. All the other orbs of light that lived there with me is family, and we knew each other intimately; we felt a unity and oneness with each another. There are no such thing as negative emotions. New orbs of light could be birthed from within this nebula as well. They were like our children, and all the elder orbs were considered the parents to all the younger orbs.

Our work and mission was to shoot out though the cosmos like shooting stars, and to spread our light; sprinkling down high vibrational energy upon the planets that’s on our path. Each day after we will re-charge in the nebula, and we will proceed to choose a different part of the universe to work in. This work is intended to uplift all life, and people on the planets to help them evolve.

There’s also a teacher orb train the younger orbs to do the work. They will all take mini field trips to practice out in the cosmos. When the younger orbs of light could hold and manage their frequency on their own, they were permitted to accompany us on some of our missions, but not for as long as the elder orbs. Once the younger orbs reached a certain point within their frequency, they are then able to join the mission as well.

Spontanious Regression 2

I wasn’t really expecting to go on a journey, but it was fun, and I’m very glad I did. I see this experience as the macrocosm of what’s happening here on earth as reflection of that, but as the microcosm version. I have also noticed that since doing this session on myself, I have developed a stronger connection to the macrocosm and my higher-Self. I’m hoping to do more sessions like this one for clients, to help them move into a more profound awareness in their life. I also see the reflection of Candace Craw-Goldman as the Teacher orb. The Images created resemble what I saw in my BQH journey.

Camille Charles

Find out more about BQH, and how to become a practitioner at https://quantumhealers.com


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