Starseed Awakening – Embracing the Task To Be


Once you come closer to discovering your soul-biography also your cosmic family might be excited about it. 

This is what happend to Silvia.  A young psychically gifted woman who had been communicating with ETs telepathically most of her life. She had always considered this to be normal for people gifted with phsychic abilities until she realized that her case was a little different.

The majority of her „invisible friends“ from the other realms were ETs of different races, shapes, intention. She met them for different reasons, to be their travel guide on earth (she would go to a place and they would come alongattached energtically to her), a consultant (for those who were preparing for a life on earth) or to be supported, and coached herself when life on earth was difficult for her.

To her those contacts were more normal than those with humans in other dimensions. Her friends seemed like family from long, long ago.

It was not until that time that she started asking herself why they were contacting her and not others of her psychic friends. It was then that she started considering having had past lifes on other planets. All of a sudden it made total sense to her. The cosmic friendships. The affinity to the different species and her very natural feeling about it. She might have been one of them?

She realized without knowing the term that she was probably a starseed. Many questions were rushing trough her head. When was my first life on earth, where did I live before? What other species did I embody?

She was excited. A new field for investigation had opened up to her. She focused on entering the Akashik record to see when and with whom she had come to earth. Her discovery was followed by vivid dreams and spontaneous memories flashing up in her meditations when she remembered fragments of pastlifes as a different species on a different planet. She was surprised by the intensity of the experience and the effect, which it had on her. Something inside her had cracked open and whatever it was that was inside wanted to get out. 

At the same time she realized, that something in her energy field had changed. She was used to visitors from other realms being close and communicating with her but this time it was as if a whole stadium of visitors were present. It was –to say the least – too much. Unraveling her soul-biography and beeing watched by so many while doing it. She spoke to her guide and asked, what was going on!

He replied that its an exciting opportunity to monitor a starseed awakening. The step by step process of discovery and integration. And many were interested in monitoring it.

Obviously she had a say in this so after her „complaint“ the numbers were drastically reduced and she felt less pressure.

One of her first questions was: When did I come to earth and with whom? The answer she found was, that she arrived 5000 years ago with a group of 200 volunteers. They all were healers by profil and came here to increase the vibrations on earth. She relived the experience of entering the earth connected dimensions and was shocked how much denser it was, even in the non-physical realm. There was less light, less lightness and the general vibes were lower. She had known that before but feeling it was very different. 

She relived how they were learing about earth before incarnating and that part of their group would always be in spiritform to monitor the rest of the team. She was very keen to connect to the monitoring team and refresh their connection. 

It was heartopening and touching when she connected to her old missionfriend who is currently head of the monitoring team. She felt so much kinship, love and understanding, that she thought her physical vessel would not be able to stand it. It was wonderful to reconnect, to remember and then to get on with her life.

She and her group had come here to be beacons of light, by being here they were already of service. Frustrating as this might seem being was more the task than doing and to take care that she was balanced and happy. 

It seemed like a luxurious task but in reality it was odd to her in a world were you are judged by visible accomplishments rather than the internal state of bliss and happyness. „Just being“ was actually quite difficult. 

After some years of integrating and further investigating her starseed origin, she learned to cultivate the „art of being“ as adviced one day by her guides. She focused much more on selfcare than on care for others, which in fact enabled to help others even better. She learned how to balance herself, how to ground herself to fulfill her task to the best of her abilities and much to her own surprise her power of manifestation grew, her inner joy grew and she started feeling that indeed she was shining her light as intended.

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