Step Out of the Shadows

Step Out of the Shadows


There comes a time in every person’s life that they must be truthful and honest with themselves. What is my true nature? What sort of life do I want to live? What could our world be? It was during the eclipse that I envisioned what my life would be when I live the many expressions of my purpose. On Mother’s Day, the opportunity to open a fresh food market literally fell in our lap. With no more than a few dollars to our name and not knowing how we could bring it to life we both agreed that life everything in our life is about to change and if we just go with whatever arises we will know what needs to be done. Three months later, ready to open our doors, I find myself sitting at the entrance to our soon to be store watching a Total Solar eclipse setting an intent that all who come through our doorway will find what they are looking for in themselves and reconnect to their knowing. Now, I could see two tall light beings, about 12 to 14 feet, on either side of the doorway ready for this purpose.

Step Out Of The Shadows 1
Step Out Of The Shadows 1

It requires great courage to be human because through it all you find yourself face to face with your emotional self. You realize that too often it has been denied a voice in your human expression. It has been doubted, second-guessed, made to feel insignificant, stripped of its purpose and left resolute to the human drama unfolding around you. On top of that we tend to block or feel the need to protect ourselves when we feel something. Humans are seldom taught how to use the communication system of feeling to navigate their lives. The emotional self is the bridge to your knowing. The awakening of our emotional body already happened and it is time to lead the way and start living the lives that is an expression of the true nature of the BEING that you are. This is easy to find when you begin asking yourself what you are passionate about and envision what it would look like, feel like, already present in your daily life. “How would I be spending my time if I am happy…?”  

As I reflect on the experiences over the past few weeks I find myself asking my guidance team for message that is easy to understand. In my work as a Medium and Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner, I help people find information in an expanded state of awareness. We learn to maintain functionality in that state so that it becomes a new normal. As a channel, I am a connector of information. I help people find the information in themselves so that they learn the language of emotion. This reestablishes a communication network to the library of information within each of us. But without understanding the context and your relationship to the information it is difficult for it to become wisdom.

Step Out Of The Shadows 2
Step Out Of The Shadows 2

 It is this desire for knowing that brings me to where I am sitting this morning, at the entrance to the Roaring River Cave and Springs. As I look into the dark cave ahead of me I feel how easy it is to be afraid of what might lie in the shadows beneath. I realize that I am only afraid of what I create and therefor nothing is hidden or unknown to me. At any other time, this natural wonder would have been hidden behind the cascading waterfall that have now slowed to a mere trickle. Yet from beneath the earth millions of gallons of milky blue water is rushing to the surface flowing out into this gentle stream beneath my feet. For months now I have been dreaming about water rising and now I am reminded that we need to meet this incoming consciousness from within.  I feel the surge of emotions rise as memories rush of the birth of this beautiful place rush forward, I feel the ever-present love within myself. My true nature. The memories are inseparable from my own and the words begin to flow form my deepest self.

Step Out Of The Shadows 3
Step Out Of The Shadows 3

We love all humanity. Not just the ones that are doing their good spiritual practices. The ones that have a divine plan have celestials assisting them. However, like you, there are many who are walking on this planet confused about what they are see going on around them. All this chaos, surely something must be wrong. And you would be right. They are all mixed up inside. The DNA has been scattered and now it is time to organize it. On August 21st, you experience a total solar eclipse. It was your experience that rain came down during the entire event and it can be taken as an indicator that people are beginning to show their true emotions more. It is no coincidence that it was over North America. It was no coincidence that it rained so much during the event. As a friend said, “The cloud cover gave us an unfiltered experience, no glasses needed.” You already knew this as the dreams we have given you lately have shown the incoming waters of consciousness as tidal waves from the shifts within you. In these dreams, we advised you to just relax and you will pop right up to the surface because resistance would not get you to where you want to be. Remaining calm is key in your emotional evolution. During this event, you felt your heart beaming information into the grid of consciousness. For some of you this might have been an uncomfortable feeling because you are not use to your heart being this open and your body shifting that much data. You are safe. You each received a blueprint of how to rewire and activate your own DNA in a way that best creates a channel for your life force and to move into harmonic resonance with the planet. The eclipse was the planet’s alignment, as it too is a BEING. We want to show you the bigger picture here.

On the night of the lunar eclipse, a few weeks ago, you had your own experience. A complete emotional reset.  

Late in the evening on August 7th I was sitting outside with my husband and youngest daughter enjoying the last of the fire from a gathering earlier the evening and unwinding from a stressful few weeks. We are in deep conversation with my empathic daughter about human emotions and human behavior and I begin to feel the collective fear within us. I start hearing tones, as if someone was tuning through radio stations. The world begins to fade and I can no longer hang on to my consciousness as I ask for some water. I let go of the fear and feel complete surrender. I recall being in a space with beings of light having a conversation for what felt like an eternity. I enter a dark tunnel of turbulence and reality fades back in. My husband, directed by an inner voice he hears, leans me forward. I purge a vast quantity of watery fluid all over my hubby! While shaky, I have an immense feeling of peace in me, as if I purged lifetimes of fear, stress and worry. The first words I hear is my husband saying is “Welcome to the planet!”  In all my years, I have never experienced anything like this before.

You are no longer controlled by the moon. This is the symbolism of the solar eclipse. Do not allow the shadow of your emotions to block your light. Only use it to move you into alignment with the cosmic energies that is a part of you. It is an extension of your being. Others will not have to have a hard reset like you had. You did die and you did choose to come back and use this same vehicle. Redefine your concept of death and birth. It is as if you walk through a doorway of your home intending to return but forget where home is. As you seek assistance from others they might now know exactly where you live but they can get you in the general direction where things are familiar until your own memory returns and you know where you are.

Ask to remember who you are and use the language of your emotions for navigation and understanding. Let’s use the example of Alzheimer’s as a showing of the disconnect in communication between the emotional body and the galactic body. It has moved out of resonance by not fully integrating the feelings of experiences. Therefore, not evolving at the same pace as the totality shift of the being, giving the appearance of a loss of memory, having no order to the information of their life experiences and it is as if all the books from their library is scattered on the floor. When they lock their feeling inside and stop the flow of new light codes it is like losing fuel creating a state of survival for the other bodies. This is why it takes a long time for the showing of Alzheimer’s to progress. It brings feelings of “not enough”.

There is more than enough for everyone. People need to take control of themselves again. Start with your feelings. Nothing else divides things more than the illusion of allowing others to control what you feel. You are the creator of your feelings and they are a language of light. Ask yourself, “What is this feeling of confusion telling me?” or “What is this feeling of sadness saying about me?” When you begin to look at the relationship of your body to the cosmos you see that life flows where it needs. Another aspect of the eclipse is showing you the truth of yourself. The alignment of you and the earth as a physical body, the moon and your emotional body, the sun revealing information awakening memory, and three more gateways, this is all you. Your body, your being. The symbolism being chakra points and the emotional epicenter is your heart. You have been feeling your body transmit information, and the location of, knowledge within you. Your knowing is activated, lost knowledge, and you are repatterning your Akasha for complete access.

Pure awareness changes the resonant frequency of the planet where you share space with one another through the network of senses. The purpose of sharing space is to have direct experience through this network. Instantly aware of each other’s thoughts and feelings. One is an arm, another the leg, another the hands, together learning to make decisions together. Not to be autonomous but rather choosing to be a part of this life because it is better for all.

You may ask yourself why we are sharing this. There are some scholars in your time that know the truth about what happened on this planet and refuse to share the knowledge. Knowledge is free to all those who ask. You need to ask what is appropriate for you. As you begin to remember, the imbalance of power of the lands must be restored. It will take many people to make this final push as you are all manifesting small gateways around you creating a bridge to the next reality. You are a powerful creative being. Your progress allows you to create in harmony with others, no longer just individually. We would say that when you have the desire to create something take it into meditation and ask who else is working on a similar vibration and pair up. You do not need to know this person in the physical. You not only manifest your creations exponentially faster but the creations are more stable. It took the unity consciousness of many creator beings to create the stability of a physical plane of existence by slowing down the oscillating cycles of the auric fields to around 7hz, below that and nothing exists. You have seen this resonance increase rapidly as you are expanding your emotional field of awareness.

How do you do this? You go out and you talk to people. Become interested in each other’s stories. This is the secret of many indigenous groups on your planet, they listen to each other’s stories. Know what you are looking for, as some might be too good to be true. You will know by your feelings.

You can do anything you want. You create the tools you need. This is revolutionary because many are focused on the past. If they were to see the future of what they are creating now and allow the higher vibrational self to adjust that creation to a simpler version of an expected outcome it would be easier for people to overcome their fears and hang-ups. We say let go of who you think you are! It will help dissolve the concept of time as they will know their reality is simultaneously the past, present, future and many other dimensionalities. Understand this and you find within you is the key to interdimensional time travel. Your task is to awaken the geneticists in each person you meet.

Even now I hear my mentor, Dolores Cannon, reminding me “this life is the most important one of all.” So, go out and enjoy life, create what brings happiness and joy in your life, and participate fully in what you can do and experience while you are here. Is your light on?

Much love,

Nicole Radke

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