Surrogate Session Success: A Quantum Healing Story

Surrogate Session Success: A Quantum Healing Story


The following is a session story written by Quantum Healing Practitioner Tara Davis.

Dolores Cannon’s work, and becoming a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) practitioner, changed my life as well as the life of my family!

My mother and I would like to share the success of the surrogate session I facilitated for her earlier this year with my partner, as well as the before and after pictures.

Surrogate sessions have been a rather new avenue for us to explore in QHHT®. This procedure is where we can put someone into trance in place of another who is unable to do it themselves. I was having the hardest time trying to get my mother under the whole year prior to this session. Every time we attempted, she felt this immense strong energy that she shied away from and found herself not wanting to touch. She really did want a session though. So my partner graciously agreed go in her stead.

As a side note, something I find incredible, is that every time we even attempted a session with my mother and failed, or so we thought, she would go through a healing period the following few days after all. It seemed like just in our trying, she was opened up to receive healing! And now I see, through all of my experience, that it is really the effort that you put into your healing that counts. It’s what opens you up to receive the energies you need. This is one reason why we as practitioners ask those who get a QHHT® session done to listen to their recording of it as often as possible, it opens you back up to receive more healing.

There are various places one can go in a session and each session is different for everyone. What drew me to doing this work is the fact we each have our own higher aspect (a.k.a subconscious, or higher self) and it is this very aspect of each person that guides the session and does the healing. The practitioner is not really the healer, the person having the session is their own healer. So, It is essentially self-healing. It’s this higher aspect of ourselves that has all the answers we need and the records of everything we have ever done. Once under, the person’s higher self will take us where we need to go to see what we need to see. In the latter part of a session, we then ask to speak directly with this higher self to find out the meaning behind what was shown, ask questions, and facilitate healing if it’s appropriate.

So with all that now being said, here’s her story:

In approximately 2010, my mother started developing this weird mark on her leg and it continued to get worse over the years. It also started happening to her feet and one of her hands. She spent the last few years being miserable and it was hard to watch. Her feet had developed deep cracks that were incredibly painful, the skin was peeling and the itching drove her nuts. From what we could tell, her condition was like psoriasis; an autoimmune disorder where the body is essentially attacking itself. After finding Dolores’ work and learning that skin conditions, especially on the feet, often go back to a “burning” lifetime, we could then see how her condition looked as though she had been burned! Pretty wild!

Surrogate Session Success 1
Surrogate Session Success 2
Surrogate Session Success 3
Surrogate Session Success 4

In the session, with my partner under hypnosis standing in for and acting as my mother, she went to a lifetime in Constantinople where she was a young man living at a grand library learning astrology. Others lived at this library too, learning and teaching various subjects, while also showing visitors around. This young man eventually progressed to teaching what he knew.

Then one day, a Roman leader came to him for an astrology reading because he wanted to know if he’d be successful in an upcoming battle he was debating taking on. The young man hastily gave the Roman leader his astrology reading and told him he would be successful in his endeavours. The Roman leader took this the wrong way thinking the young man meant he’d be successful in the battle; but, he actually meant the Roman would be successful in overcoming himself in his lifetime. So there was some miscommunication there. When speaking with the higher self later, we were told the young man could have been more clear in his reading to the Roman and that he had actually ignored his spirit guide as his guide was trying to warn him of what he was doing. This young man was somewhat cocky and impatient in this lifetime, believing that he had learned enough about the stars, and instead was eager to move on to other subjects. It became apparent that he had more to learn and to perfect in his knowledge of the sky as the session progressed.

After the Roman leader met with the young man, he went out to fight his battle and was defeated. He then came back to the library with his battalion for revenge. The Romans captured all those whom lived there and lined them up in the court yard, then set fire to the library. They then stabbed the captured people in specific places and proceeded to throw them into the burning building. The Romans had stabbed them in spots that would make them unable to move and escape from the flames. The young man was one of the first to go and, after becoming disembodied, and leaving his body, he stayed in spirit to watch everyone else as they were murdered so that he could see just all that he had caused. He was definitely punishing himself for his error.

Shortly after the life for the young man ended, I called in my mother’s higher self. We found out that she has since spent lifetime after lifetime carrying this guilt and being an intense self-punisher. She has even had a distended stomach for a some time now and the self-hate has been the cause of that, for that’s where she stored the hate.

Her higher self said that the reason for the skin condition was due to her sending crossing signals to her body. She was carrying great uncertainty since that lifetime and it affected her trusting herself enough to make decisions. When she’d finally make a choice, she wouldn’t end up following it through due her constant doubting of self. She constantly second-guessed herself and all of this was sending crossing signals to her body. Also, her thoughts were making the condition worse. The thoughts she had while the itching was occurring and just dealing with it overall. Her higher-self explained that she is very powerful and her thoughts about herself were hurting her. She had been carrying this through so many lifetimes, creating a pattern, so it became easy and fast for her to fall into it. Her feet and legs were burnt-looking because it was that lifetime that her problems were stemming from.

Surrogate Session Success 5
Surrogate Session Success 6
Surrogate Session Success 7
Surrogate Session Success 8

The higher self stated that she needs to learn self-confidence and self worth and learn to make a decision and follow it through. Trust that first thought she gets, make a choice and see it through. Trust her intuition. She has learned a lot since that lifetime and has come far ever since.

For physical healing, her higher self said that she would begin to see and feel a lessening in her condition and that it would continue to get better. And that is exactly what has happened! Also, she was told she was too disconnected from the Earth and that she needed to start practicing grounding and putting her bare feet on the Earth. We did start gardening this year and are aware of how much that has helped her reconnect.

I am so grateful for all of this! There were times my mother just wanted to give up and give in over the misery she was experiencing, which was hard for me to watch as her daughter! But she continues to get better and better! QHHT® has been an amazing method for me to use to help those that I am the closest to, along with others whom I am not. And the fact that we can do surrogate sessions and achieve this kind of success for people who for whatever reason can not have a session themselves just blows my mind!

I am eternally grateful to be apart of this work!


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