The 4th Dimension

The 4th Dimension

Consciousness Explorations

Article by Raul Medina

There are many who discuss the 5th Dimension and the idea that we will all be “ascending”, but not many talk about the 4th Dimension and how we will move into the New Earth, so let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

Currently we’re in the 3rd Dimension (3D) where we experience what science calls the 3 states of matter and the elements: Solid (earth), liquid (water), gas (air). An architect would say: length, width and height.

Since the beginning of time in our western world, we primarily operate using the left hemisphere of our brain, which explains how we experience the 3rd Dimension, our physical or material world.

In the 4th Dimension(4D), there’s another state of matter or element that is experienced, known as plasma or energy (fire). A quantum physicist would say: Time and energy. The 4th state of matter has an aspect in itself that shows itself in 3D, and that’s why a chemist would only be able to talk about a fire as an expression of a phenomenon. The Alchemist would see this in a much different, more comprehensive way. Structure is important to consider, especially if we look at the chemical composition of water. Water has the same composition in 3D as in 4D but in 4D the molecules are organized in smaller hexagonal structures, and therefore one can now call this element dynamized water. It is interesting to note that a natural environment will naturally structure water.

4th Dimensional water includes all of the 4th Dimension elements: Earth (mineral), Water (liquid), Air (oxygen and other gases), and Fire (energy). Due to the action of vortexes (hyperbolic funnels) acting with the natural environment, alongside the water cycle such as clouds and streams created by nature to bring in the true essence of the water element from the higher dimensions from where it originated.

4D is experienced by those who are able to move out their left hemisphere brain and experience the right hemisphere aspect of themselves. In reality, the right hemisphere brain is the door that opens beyond the limited reality perception found inside the 3rd dimension, into the multidimensional experience that begins with 4D, and continues through the fifth and sixth dimensions, without the limits into the infinite expression of Creation itself.

Every original nation of indigenous people (Aborigines, Hindus, Asians, Polynesians, Celtic, etc.) lived life based on the right hemisphere brain and experienced multidimensional reality. In addition, many women (half of the world population) in the same time frame in western societies, were also experiencing reality from their right brain hemisphere and also experiencing multidimensional reality. That is more than 80% of today’s population experiencing and living life from their right brain hemisphere!

Males of the human species, mainly those born in the more modern western nations, were forced, limited and formed into living exclusively in their rational aspect, material or left-brain hemisphere. That is why those civilizations, raised on seeing only a materialistic aspect of reality saw the originals nations and all women living from their hearts, as a threat toward the civilization they wanted to build.

With the infinite number of new souls born already who are aware of their multidimensional nature, willingly living in limitation and existing within their limited societies, therefore forced to live unconscious lives compared to their cosmic nature, and this restricted them into a small box of materialism or rationalism. But this is all changing as Human consciousness is expanding day by day unto the true multidimensional nature that is our essence. And of course, it is our planet, Gaia’s goal s as well

Throughout the world, the increasing number of individuals in each generation, who find themselves embracing resources and techniques, that guide them into experiencing their heart chakra or right brain hemisphere has caused a rise in a number of a critical conscious mass. This has occurred with participation in things like dances, sweat lodges Temazcales, yoga, meditation, breathing methods, fasting, diets,  experiences produced by the plants used since ancient times by the original nations and all the many different types of therapies and healings now available to the world. This altogether caused a rise in a number of a critical conscious mass. It’s for this reason that, materialism and rationalism inevitably crumble because it is pushed out by the awakening of humans to their whole being and the supportive long cosmic cycles of energies such as the precision of the equinoxes, leading us into realizing our true cosmic nature and reality

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