The Absorbers

The Absorbers


The following is a Quantum Healing Session Story written by Sandra Saenz 

This client, a woman came in with a long list of concerns and worries, and I listened to her for two hours before I began the induction. She was a young female sheepherder in a village that was destroyed by foreign invaders. She watched the destruction from a hillside where she was herding the sheep, and was later captured and taken to live in a place where no one spoke her language. She spent much of her time there taking care of an infant boy, and loved him unconditionally.  

She and the baby where sitting inside a small dwelling that was built into the side of a hill, so part of the home was inside the earth. She had a fire going in the chimney and the baby was sleeping by the fire. All of a sudden she felt a threatening presence and checked that everything was locked. She became very frightened as black smoke started entering into the room from the fireplace. It changed into a black plasma form. She saw the form enter the baby and watched as it took the baby’s life force. (She is very distraught and knew there was nothing she could do). She ran as fast as she could, crying for the loss of the child.

This is when she began to see herself running from this same black plasma form, life, after life, after life. So many of her lifetimes were spent running from this dark form. She said that she could see all of them before her, like a slide show.

Her Higher Self immediately stepped in and started working on her body. One and a half hours were spent on healing, adjusting and adding new systems within her body. She heard and felt a frequency from her right ear that sent waves of energy and colors that worked with her eyes, cheeks and mouth. Then a different frequency from her left ear worked with her throat, ears, and heart. Both tones were mixing, splitting, and recombining her from her heart, to the cerebral cortex and through her spine. The tones then became harmonious and she could see her self as fractal energy, making her completely coherent and no longer divided, which was caused by fear. Her belief is the only reason why she does not experience instant transformation. She is now feeling the transformations within, and her beliefs are also transforming. She said, “I do not feel the same. This is huge and deep.” She felt complete coherence. A multi-dimensional ocular system was also included in this upgrade. She kept saying, “Wow, this is amazing,” as she spoke about what she could see with her new eyes. Her new eyes are to help her in her work for service to others. She will help others be “magnificent beings”.

She could see herself in holographic form in the shape of a human, the size of which she tried to describe: Her feet are planted on earth and her head extends all the way to Source. The galaxies, planets, stars and multi-verses are a part of her form (all is connected). She could see that her current life story was the size of a grain of sand and located in her foot area. (She laughed out loud at this point, reflecting on her long list of concerns in this life). She then noticed a pulsing on the outer edge of the universe, and stretched out to see where it was coming from. She said that it felt like metal, like it was made and not natural. She then described it as a black artificial plasma field / artificial intelligence that surrounds our universe. It has been there for eons and has been controlling the vibration of our planet and many others throughout time. It reflects the fears of all humans en mass. She called it the Black Sun, and it also controls and guides the dark forces. This was put in place by beings with large smooth heads, and insect like features. They are not bad, but felt threatened and attacked, so they developed this weapon for protection and it set off a chain reaction. They are like children, and they too are shifting. We are all shifting everywhere.

She now see’s that she is a part of a group called the “All Absorbers.” This group stands at the edge of the multiverse and their sole purpose is to absorb the pulses that are sent out to the planets from this artificial intelligence. By absorbing the frequency of the pulse, others are able to endure the diluted frequency and have a much better chance of remembering who they are and help with the transmutation of dark forces, and the destruction of the black plasma/AI. The “All Absorbers” are like cells within another body, infinitely larger then the galaxy and like skin on a collective body. She refers to the book by Dr. Seuss, “Horton Hears a Who” and giggled at the reference. She can make her self big or small depending on the work she is doing. A great event is coming and we are in it now, and her mission is coming to a close.

She was absolutely amazed by her experience, and felt completely different than the woman who walked into my office just a few hours before. I wish I had taken a picture of her before and after. She appeared physically altered, not to mention her vibration was off the charts.

I love this work!

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