The Alarm Confirmed It

The Alarm Confirmed It

Metaphysical Musings

Article by Diana Murdock

Diana lives in Huntington Beach, California, and practices Reiki alongside Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). Here at the Hub of Quantum Healers, we know that her passion is Healing and raising the vibration of every being on Earth. 

I facilitated a session for a friend of mine last week. Let’s call her Anna. I turned on the gas fireplace to make the space nice and cozy as I prepared for Anna’s BQH session. Her main focus was to discover her purpose and which direction she should take. As the session started, Spirit showed her many random scenes, and took her down many different paths, but there was one constant scene that she always came back to:  a cobblestone path.

At one point Anna encountered a male energy who was of pure light. This guide gently urged Anna to continue walking along the cobblestone path of which there was no end in sight. I asked if this was her life path, and where it’s taking her? The guide motioned for her to simply keep walking, and not to worry, just go with it.

There was talk about her moving away from California, about putting plans in place because California was definitely not a good place to be. She needed to leave. This was something I have heard before, therefore I felt inclined to ask about it.

After being granted permission to ask my own question, Anna said: “And there you are, on this path with us!”

Anna continued to explain: “Diana, you keep looking back. You want to join us, but you keep looking back.”

“Come on. Come with us.”


“You go back to pick something up. It’s a piece of paper. You’re running to catch up with us. You then dropped it again, you go back to get it. It is very important to you.”

In the scene, Anna asked me to show the paper to her. I show her the piece of paper, but it’s difficult for her to read as we are walking. She sort of saw numbers and letters.

She said: “Secret? Decree? C R E for sure. I can’t read the other letters because it’s damaged. There is a date, but I can’t read that either. Yes, definitely C R E. Decree? Secret? Something like that.”

The guide kept us moving, but intuitively Anna asked if we can stop for a moment so she can read the piece of paper. There was a signature on it. “Masson”, Anna said. Suddenly she opens her eyes, and she stares at me in awe as she recognize it as the maiden name of a woman who was her mother’s friend.

She closed her eyes again, and saw us and her guide on the cobblestone path. She re-reads the numbers and confirmed they are a date, but the numbers didn’t make sense, especially as far as a date format goes. She again thought the title of the paper was Secret or Decree.

“I knew it!” I said.

In the last several years, I’ve had difficulty seeing images, or having visions, as I had in the past. I felt that my inability was due to a block, that perhaps I had made an agreement NOT to see at this time. Possibly fear based, and not wanting to feel something? I wasn’t entirely sure, but the possibility that I had made an agreement or contract has always been in the back of my mind.

I asked the guide if that paper was a contract or decree, and he said yes.

I then asked if it was serving my highest good, and he said:  “No, it doesn’t matter anymore. The contract can now be terminated.”

Anna said: “drop it and walk away”, but something inside me  wanted it destroyed, so it cannot hurt me, or inhibit my growth anymore, so I asked if we could set it on fire to release it? I asked if Anna could help me to destroy the paper?

As the BQH practitioner, I couldn’t see myself in Anna’s space, so she gave me a play by play of what I was doing. I described myself taking out a lighter and setting the paper on fire. Anna confirmed that the paper was burning. The intention to eradicate the paper was fierce and I kept repeating burn, burn, burn, fire, fire, fire.

At that very moment, the smoke/CO2 detector alarm went off. It startled us both back to the present. I checked the detector and found that the heat from the fire had drifted up to the rafters where the smoke alarm was placed. I turned off the fireplace and as a precaution, however, we opened the doors and turned on a fan, and the alarm silenced within a few minutes.

My very first thought was that spirit stepped in to confirm the burning of the paper. I’m not entirely convinced that it was CO2 that sparked the alarm, as the timing of this just seemed to be perfect. We’ve never had an issue in the past with the alarm and have not an issue since then.

I am still curious what this paper was, and if burning it had any effect on my current inability to see. That will have to wait for now until another session….

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