The Blood Moon

The Blood Moon

Consciousness Explorations

Article by Nikola Milenkovic

Here we will explain how you can prepare for today’s Lunar Eclipse, the blood moon and incoming energies.

In a recent Quantum Healing session, the client’s Higher Self talked about current weather anomalies. In some parts of the world entire summers are rainy, with very few sunny days. Usually it’s the other way around, so we asked what is causing this to occur and why?

The Higher Self also provided instructions on what to do during this blood moon and how to use the energies of this event in the most efficient way.

Info about weather – (South Eastern Europe).

Nikola: What is happening with the weather? Why is there so much rain lately?

Higher Self: A couple of months ago, a portal opened between two dimensions. This won’t be something that can be seen on your Internet or T.V. (mass media). It was a cosmic event, a portal opening, in which certain energies were released. These energies are meant for the cleansing of planet Earth, and from our point of view, we can tell you that the planet is a living organism which currently suffers. It’s raining because of the accumulated sadness being experienced. It’s raining because water needs to cleanse the way. Fires are breaking to destroy the seed of evil.

Nikola: The winds that are blowing, what do they do?

Higher Self: They control the fire and water.

Nikola: What remains after that?

Higher Self: The New Earth. Always be on the side of light. Don’t complain about the weather because your planet on which you are living right now must go through this process.

 Info about blood moon 

Nikola: On this Internet we read a lot about these portals, and looking back a year there were a lot of fascinating eclipses, some of which were very rare, only occurring once in a lifetime. Does the same apply for the one which will happen on Friday (July 27th, 2018, blood moon) …

Higher Self: (Interrupts me) Everything will be all right on Friday. You need to take care of your mind, because your internal programs will be working on a completely different frequency. If I may suggest for this Friday to just be open minded. This eclipse is to remove shadows from the mind.

Nikola: When the mind goes dark, what happens next? Enlightenment happens.

When the mind loses its light for a moment, and then returns, it becomes light again, and the shadow goes away, and enlightenment comes.

N: Is this the effect of eclipse people are talking about?

Higher Self: People are panicking without any reason. Yes, there will be changes but only in your minds. In your mind, his mind (client’s mind), anyone’s mind, and changes aren’t bad – They aren’t good either… They are yours and yours only like your given name. And changes can be increased or completely blocked. You just need to be open minded.



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