The Bqh Session Message

The BQH Session Message

Beyond Quantum Healing

There is much talk of ascension, a shift, an Event. There is much to dive into, perhaps even enough for a lifetime. The information is ever flowing and increasingly expansive. There is so much going on around us at any given minute and it is easy to immerse ourselves deeply into the wonderful work of Beyond Quantum Healing.

But sometimes, all of us, especially those of us who do this magical work, need to remember to be in “the NOW moment.”

Many are still in the process of activating and encompassing the ‘I AM’, but one thing is certain, Beyond Quantum Healing is aiding humanity by pushing beyond the ground-breaking work of Dolores Cannon in a new and different way, to new ever-expanding ways.

How do I personally choose to view things? Well, as recently as these last couple of months, it has been from the frequency of surrender. I am not speaking of giving up, throwing in the towel, or flailing my hands frantically in the air. I’m speaking about allowing. Allowing anything and everything to flow, allowing all of that which is so perfectly divine to take form. There is a certain degree of peace involved when one simply walks, looking up towards the sun, smiles from the heart and says, “Thank You.” “Thank You” for all that is and all that has been, whether it makes sense or not, whether I initially agree with the changes or not.

Staying up late frazzled like a porcupine and a bit confused as to why my team/Higher Self has made me quit my job and not so gently dropped me in the path of awakening, regressions, and Quantum Healing for the benefit of self and others, yet they have remained mute.

Stepping into the frequency of wonder I ask myself…what would happen if I let go of this steering wheel? A steering wheel I’m so tightly holding on to that my hands are now bleeding?”

There is a message regarding FUN I’d like to place on your path, that came through a BQH session I facilitated. It vibrated within me as the sweetest caress with which Quan Yin or Mother Mary could have ever possibly graced me. I was so excited that I later actually spent the most magical 2 hours at “Chuck E. Cheese” with my son and you could have sworn I was 7 again. I cried on the way home thanking my Higher Self for the beautiful reminder to “just be.“

This may be a message that all of us may need at this time. The choice, as always, is yours.

The BQH Session Message

Client: “There is a message that we also want to take the opportunity to express relating to the self-care. That is to allow, allow for times when you don’t think of this work, when you don’t consciously engage in these energies, when you don’t continually play with this potential. When you release and let go, and just be your human self – having fun. Many of you are having very enjoyable highly pleasurable energetic experiences, but there is more to experience when you are just simply having fun and being present in the moment, with your family and with your friends and with yourself, and with the earth – just playing. It’s ok to just be there. It’s very valuable to play and be within the element of fun, conscious fun. We actually are encouraging you to schedule conscious fun into your schedule, because we know you, and we know you may not remember.”

Practitioner: “Schedule conscious fun! I’m sure that message aids all of humanity, all of the collective.”

The client’s Higher Self brings light forth for integration. We also speak of surrender, bliss, a higher dimensional perspective of the word “mission” and advice on business information.

Client: “There is a deep blue color that shifts into violet, this is a harmonizing energy. This is the energy of wholeness when in full integration, as an encapsulating experience through the whole being. Archangel Michael energy, St. Germain also carries this energy like a liquid energy that flows – flow through us. This is the experience of the caterpillar within the chrysalis. There is a need to surrender and it’s a visceral experience. Every atom, every subatomic particle vibrating into a new pattern and into new connections and it’s important to breathe deeply and allow with every breath to go deeper for a deeper release, and surrender. This is the 0-point field where everything is blinking into non-existence, then into existence and back to non-existence (repeat). So everything can reform – every atom.”

“I, her higher self and a conduit of her angelic nature and her connection to her Arcturian guide. Her heart is opening and is expanding bliss. She is truly emanating the power of love with this blissful energy. Within this energy there is no fear, there is no space to be afraid. Activate and be in this energy, in all that she engages with going forward. So, that she can be in her mission. What she calls her mission which we think is so beautifully adorable (laughing).”

Practitioner: “Can you expand on that? Why is it adorable that she calls it her mission?“

Client: “It’s a way of encapsulating her purpose. Her purpose is impossible to encapsulate in truth so as she steps into this emanation she will understand it more fully. This emanation is the fullness of her being. The fullness and wholeness is her mission in the most expanded awareness possible.”

Practitioner: “You speak of surrender which is needed for bliss and then being in the fullness in our most expanded awareness,    did I grasp those steps correctly?”

Client: “Yes, surrender is the allowing of the human suit to fall away. The being that you are requires no suit or no structure – it just requires you to be. Although, you play with your suits and you play with your structures. This brings it into a different play and activation, and that is all perfectly good, but there are times when it’s important to be in the emanation of the bliss and the energy which is the essence of full surrender. That is what she is experiencing now, it’s a full holographic experience, all sense of her human self just dropped away. There is a fullness here to her sensory experience.”

Practitioner: “She looked at different practitioner profiles for this session and she was drawn to mine. Is there a specific reason why she chose me for this session, or why she was guided?”

Client: “Yes, there’s a quality of light and energy that you embody that drew her to you: For your purpose and mission. If we can use that word (Laughing)

Practitioner: “You don’t like the word ‘mission’ do you?” 

Client: “It’s a fine word, it’s limited from our perspective, but it is a fine human word. It’s the quality of energy that gets wrapped around the word that is different for humans than it is for us in the higher dimensions. And so, we speak from the higher dimensional energy, and that is the much more expanded awareness. So, your mission is being served with the facilitation of the session as well as you expanding into your greater purpose.

The energy was active within your profile and that is why she recognized it. As you create your profile, (your practice, language, videos, information) you will be activating that code of energy. It’s good to do that from a place of high vibration. As you engage your business to bring forward these modalities, you will engage from a place of high vibration. The care that you give to yourselves at all times is of the highest priority. That is why you have found each other. Also, there is an alignment there.”

Article by Lily Espiau

A Quantum Healing Practitioner



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