The Bubble Reality

The Bubble Reality

Metaphysical Musings

Isn’t it interesting, as you look back and reflect on all of your experiences, how perfect the tapestry has woven to bring you to where you are today?

Everything we see is a mirror reflection of the definitions, beliefs, and points of view that we’ve adopted in life. There is no “outside”. If the mirror pushes your buttons, bless it, it’s a gift from your Higher Self to rewrite the script to a higher frequency.

Then there’s PERFECTION 

When we align with our Higher Self – we know that everything in our life is there for a good reason, we have to trust it, and that’s important.

This ‘reality’ bubble is an incredible adventure that unfolds in our Mind. We can hold the vision of the New Earth that we’ve all been working so hard to create or are we allow ourselves to be pulled off by someone else’s version of reality? We always have a choice!

Words of wisdom by Liane Mace

 Student of Life

Liane is an intuitive Tarot Reader based in West Virginia, in the United States, and is also a member of our Quantum Healers Support Forum. Within the Forum, we welcome all practitioners who help others through energy and work, body, consciousness exploration, coaching, and counseling work. 

Mind Mirror Tarot Reader

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