The Council of Healers - Part One - The Introduction

The Council of Healers – Part One – The Introduction

Metaphysical Musings

By Candace Craw-Goldman

It was the Council of Healers that introduced me to Dolores Cannon but at the time I didn’t have a name for the 5 glowing light forms that stood in front of me. All I knew then was that finally, after years of confusion, misery and downright despondency, I had finally been given some answers about healing myself.

The moment came, as many describe these kinds of breakthroughs, while laying at the bottom of the pit of “the dark night of the soul.” I had just cancelled a long-scheduled professional photography shoot for the album cover of an up and coming Austin musician. Each call to everyone involved, telling them I was in too much pain to go through with it, was harder than the last. I felt like such a failure. “My body failed me again,” was my primary thought and I felt like I had just flat hit a wall. In my mind, I’d tried everything under the sun to deal with the mysterious and painful ailments that had plagued me for so many years. That morning I just… gave up.

I cried for a good long while until I was exhausted. And then I thought to pray. Now, I had prayed many times before, but that day I decided since I couldn’t move anyway, due to the pain, I would just begin some sort of stream of consciousness marathon prayer to ANYONE “out there” who might be able to help me. This next detail, I have come to realize, was crucial. Rather than the “please someone help me” prayer that I probably had tried over the decades, I tried a new approach and a new request. And while it might not seem like a big difference in words, I think it was a crucial component in the wondrous events about to unfold in my life.

This time, I prayed, “Please help, tell me what to do.” I simply didn’t know what else to do or to try. Overachiever that I was, I prayed asking for help or for knowledge of what to try next to heal myself, for multiple hours. I prayed myself into a stupor. Or maybe it was actually a deep meditative state. In any case, what happened next changed absolutely everything.

I found myself outside of my body standing in the lovely valley by the river near our home at the time. In front of me were five glowing light bodied figures standing in a semi-circle. The figure in the center was slightly larger than the other 4. I felt their power, their benevolence and their incredible love. Slowly the Center figure approached me and without speaking in any way, handed me what seemed to be a simple piece of paper.

I took the paper and looked at it. On it were written three simple sentences. It was a list of things for me to do. Each seemed cryptic and almost out of context with each other, but would prove to be the three things necessary for me to discover exactly what was wrong with me physically and what changes I needed to make in my life to regain my health. To be continued with Part Two, tomorrow

Note: Candace Craw-Goldman (and the Council of Healers) have offered a webinar, available to the public, scheduled for this coming Monday, September 23, the day of the Autumnal Equinox, 2019. The Equinox is a particularly powerful day to focus upon balance. The topic of the webinar is “Stepping Back from Burnout” If you are tired, overworked, overwhelmed or just bored with it all, consider joining us. 

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