The Council Of Healers The List Part Two

The Council of Healers – The List: Part Two

Metaphysical Musings

The Council of Healers –  The List: Part Two

By Candace Craw-Goldman

Continued From The Introduction: Part One 

I took the paper and looked at it. On it were written three simple sentences. It was a list of things for me to do. Each seemed cryptic and almost out of context with each other, but would prove to be the three things necessary for me to discover exactly what was wrong with me physically and what changes I needed to make in my life to regain my health.

As it was happening, I was hyper-aware that whatever was taking place, it was not a dream, not even a lucid dream and not close to any of the familiar out-of-body experiences I’ve had in my life. I knew to commit to memory as much detail as possible; the scene, the beings in front of me, the very energy of the space I was in at the time.

Wherever I was, it was not Earth as I knew it. It was the valley just down from our home near the river and the rock crossing, but it was more like a version of it in a much different reality. There was the meadow I was standing in, but it was silky, and softer than regular grass and swirled with a gentle electric quality around my legs as I stood in front of the Light Beings. The river was nearby and I could see and hear water moving over the big rocks of the crossing, but the sunlight sparkles coming off the water were different for sure, they were more numerous, bigger, almost like tiny crystalline forms floating up effervescently. The big old river oak tree was there too, in the distance behind and to the right of the Beings, but its presence was hard to miss. Each branch, each leaf seemed to be having a dance and a conversation with the gentle breeze that blew. I remember having this brief thought, “No wonder Dad loves trees so much.”

The breeze was at my back, following the river flow and toward the Beings that stood before me. I could smell, feel and hear other stories of other beings and other experiences flow by. Not in a jumble or in a mess but like a brilliant subtle multisensory symphony. Whatever this place was it was spectacularly beautiful and serene, and alive with a kind of depth that wasn’t apparent in my normal everyday world.

I took a closer look at the Light Beings. Five of them ‘standing’ in a semi-circle. Their shape was oblong and vaguely humanoid. It did appear they each had a head and a body and arms, but there was no discernable detail after that. Their light was brilliant, like the sun, white with a golden warm glow. They were bigger than me but not overly so. They were quiet and their demeanor exuded patience, compassion, and love.

To say I was stunned at what was going on would be a ridiculous understatement. I was wide-eyed and to use the phrase from my UK friends, gobsmacked. I was utterly amazed at what was happening, but I was in no way fearful or worried or concerned. I knew this wasn’t a dream. I knew I hadn’t died and my physical body was safe, back in my physical bed.  I knew something wondrous was occurring, but I didn’t know what or why, until the middle Light Being, the one somewhat larger than the other four, stepped forward towards me and with right arm extended, handed me a piece of plain white paper.

I took the paper and looked at it. It was a list. A numbered list.  It was handwritten in a simple style and covered the majority of the page. I read silently:

As soon as I finished I realized, of course, that this was an answer to my fervent prayer of “what to do” about my mysterious and debilitating chronic pain. I asked and I received! And as soon as I finished reading the list. I found myself back in my regular physical bed, in my normal everyday world, where I sat bolt upright with a gasp.

Whatever else would happen after that amazing experience, at least I had a new plan…a list of things to do. An odd list to be sure, especially that first one because I wasn’t at all tired, and I had just been to see that doctor, but hey, I was ready for a completely new approach. I wrote the list down on a new piece of paper exactly as I remembered it. I was going to follow these directions perfectly, in order and to the letter and I got started immediately. Little did I know that soon, in the hours directly following meeting these Light Beings, I would have some of the most magical, incredibly synchronistic things ever to happen to me, and that they would change my life completely.

(Note: Candace Craw-Goldman (and the Council of Healers) have offered a webinar, available to the public scheduled for this coming Monday, September 23, the day of the Autumnal Equinox, 2019. The Equinox is a particularly powerful day to focus upon balance. The topic of the webinar “Stepping Back from Burnout”)

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