The Egotistic Journey To Non Attachment

The Egotistic Journey To Non-attachment

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Chrysilla Lewies is a multi-dimensional channel as well as a Beyond Quantum healing hypnosis practitioner, living in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, in the United Kingdom. Chrysilla is a valuable member of the Quantum Healing team, and she enjoys writing articles as well as sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

The Egotistic Journey To Non-attachment

We are all healers, but we can’t heal everyone. It’s the ego that says, I can heal you and it’s the spiritual non-attachment healer that knows that they are merely the channel for the healing energy. It’s up to each individual to accept the energy in whatever form it presents itself to understand their obstacles and begin integration that will lead to healing. But how to get there?

Some of us have the natural ability to heal more so than others; spiritual healing or reiki is some modalities used to bring balance into the physical body to allow for healing to take place, just the same as musicians can compose the most breath-taking, soul-fulfilling, and touching music to help us heal on our emotional journey. Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) hypnosis is a healing modality that can be used for both emotional and physical healing, and each practitioner will be honing their skill through questioning and understanding that an open-ended question may open the flood gate to understanding the deeper aspects of the mind, and why things manifest in the first place. Asking the right questions and holding space for an individual seeking assistance may also be all that is needed.

When spiritual awakening strikes, it opens a thirst of knowledge that is unquenchable, and “the world is our oyster” takes on a whole different meaning, as nothing is what it seems. You are led to learn a variety of modalities, testing the water, and finding out which technique will suit you best as it starts to unfold for you. As if this is the life purpose you have been seeking for your entire life; to be of service.

After 6 months to a year, you have changed so much, that you are starting to lose friends. Spirituality has become a passion and it seems that family and friends no longer understand you, or your new zest for life: a love for rocks, and being moved to be more grounded. What’s that all about, they prod and ask?

You are a changed being, and even though you are trying so hard to ‘wake’ up family and friends from this ‘day-dream’ that you now know is a matrix, or is it? It’s still their reality none the less, and they are just not ready to be awakened – yet. This leaves you with no other choice but to venture out to find your tribe and find like-minded people that will understand you, and before you know it, you have a whole new family that will support you on your journey; bringing joy, love, and understanding beyond you ever thought was possible.

First, the Ego is the part of you who wants to heal everyone, and in doing so to tell them what the world really is about, although some go about this completely the wrong way. All you know is that it has completely changed your life.

Second, finding your soul family is accepting who you are and that you sometimes have to let go of everything that no longer serves you, even if that means family and old friends who no longer resonate with you.

Third, last but not least is to integrate and heal old trauma in your life, and trying to understand why certain life events unfolded, forgive, understanding the lessons it has taught you, and this is where BQH may come in for many clients who are in this phase. I’m not sure that anyone will ever be able to say that they are complete, as life always bring in new experiences, and even though you may hit a roadblock at times, it will pass and you will be drawn to many other areas, and venture down other roads that will lead you again to another greater understanding on yet another topic to quench that every growing spiritual thirst to understand life.

You feel baffled that others don’t want to be in this amazing world of unlimited potentiality, instead of being stuck in old beliefs and patterned behavior. It just doesn’t make sense, and you have to respect that. You slowly start to understand that you can’t fall into the trap of defending your views or change the views of others. They have to do that on their own. So, coming full circle is to accept each individual, letting go of the ego, knowing that you can’t make anyone change, or think differently. You can only plant the seed for them to expand their awareness so that it may lead them to ask a different question, that may lead to their awakening. Until such time, I encourage all healers continue to share their knowledge, help each other heal, and help those who come forth with their curiosity to explore the unknown.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

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