The Gift of Day Dreaming

The Gift of Day Dreaming


Growing up I used to daydream every chance I had. Everytime my eyes opened, I was gone into a new world, creating in a vast space, an empty canvas that belonged only to me and my creations. There are so many holes in my story, so many blanks in memories where I should be able to tell you who I was, what I was feeling, and what I wanted. But I only have a vague idea because it was so natural for me to be physically here but mentally checked out.

I’d be making a different world, a beautiful world where love is all that existed and I was free to be silent without judgment, without having to deal with life and tasks that I didn’t want to conform to and people I had no connection with. I never knew that the world of day dreaming was in fact a Divine creation; a creation that was confirmed when I had my own Divine intervention and was introduced to the world of Beyond Quantum Healing.

Being a day dreamer had its perks. It meant the ability to visualize anything at will. When people told a story, I could easily bring myself there because I was able to see, feel, sense, and know exactly what they were describing. After my awakening, I felt like there was actually a chance that I could merge my life of day dreams with my physical world. 

My partner Tena found the BQH course. I thought it was a fascinating subject to say the least but I had no idea at the time about the expansive and endless possibilities that it offered. I had done so much self healing to get me to a place where I was ready to help others in their own healing. And I never in a million years would have imagined that the little girl who was able to see everything through the veil, would use this gift to connect with others who needed help connecting into that realm.

Tena practiced on me and facilitated several sessions. I didn’t know what to expect because I never had a hypnosis session before. I had a bit of performance anxiety because it didn’t click that tapping into the quantum field was exactly what I’d practiced and lived for 36 years. In my very first session, we landed on my home star of Sirius and it was the first time my two worlds collided. I had a very physical reaction to the higher dimensions and I learned that I had the power all along and that the love I was seeking was within me the whole time. I had to stop looking outside of myself for everything. In that moment, my whole world clicked and I felt the bigger purpose of my existence. I found that a huge part of my purpose resided in the world of quantum healing.

When understanding the limitless possibilities of what one can do with BQH, we were able to establish some fun and interesting ways to connect with people. And because it was so easy for me to connect and I already have a trusting and solid relationship with Tena as a facilitator, nothing was standing in the way of the information that was waiting to be seen, felt, heard, sensed and known on the other side of the veil. We felt a strong pull to help others and we could connect with more people if they knew that they didn’t have to do all the work. There was an excitement that we could use our natural abilities to help others heal and give them a taste of connecting back to who they really are.

When we heard about surrogate sessions, (me standing in for the client for a full-on session), we immediately went in to try. My first surrogate session was actually for Tena, who acted as a facilitator, basically for herself. We gained a lot of insights and understanding of her path as a frequent flyer on the earth plane. She gained a lot of healing and understanding of her story in real time while I stepped in for her. We also had surrogate sessions for dogs, people who are unable to speak for themselves, and children.

Tena saw and heard a lot of beautiful ideas from people in the community and since we had a few surrogates under our belt, we wanted to try these quick and easy surrogates for those who were interested in a BQH session but didn’t have the time or readiness to commit to a full one-on-one. We called them "In the Bubble" sessions, meaning the Quantum Bubble. We made them into our own unique little experience that resembled mini BQH sessions. Clients who were interested, asked up to five questions for their Higher Self, Tena put me into trance and I connected with the client’s higher self in the quantum bubble. Every bubble session started with an opening scene, where I would see something specific pertaining to the client. It was usually a visual metaphor for what the client needed to learn. 

Then we would connect with the Higher Self to explain the scene that we saw, answer their questions, and bring forth healing if needed. A lot of information and healing came through and the clients felt like they got a lot more than they had bargained for. One of our favorite sessions from the bubbles was connecting with flamboyant angels who danced to cabaret. Their biggest message to their client was to be happy, authentic, and freely gay! We also had a client whose back pain was healed and never came back! 

The idea of tandem sessions was also fascinating. In a tandem session, the client and I both go into trance, connecting together in the quantum field to pull forth double the information. Tena and I jumped at this opportunity as quickly as we possibly could because we were so curious to see what we’d discover as a group of three. Every tandem that we did was powerful and healing for not only the client but for me and Tena as well.

There is something special about the power of three and we feel that this is the most recommended route to take, especially if the client isn't confident enough to dive into this journey alone. And because Tena and I are also twin flames, we are able to create a third healing energetic field with our combined energies. This energy is powerful and helps to assist in our client’s healing as it is created from a space of unconditional love.

Our latest and newest venture is the combination of a surrogate and tandem session. We always stress the importance of having the client present because that gives them a direct opportunity to receive the information and healing live. This is not to say that client’s do not receive healing even if they aren’t present as energy can move through time and space and knows no bounds, but we feel there may be more of an impact when they can be there to experience it for themselves.

I never once thought that my lifetime of day dreaming was going to give us the opportunity to act as a bridge between this world and the world beyond the veil. It has been a beautiful privilege to utilize our gifts for the greater good of humanity and for our client’s own healing journey. What we love the most about BQH is that it's limitless in potential and possibility and this has been proven with each unique session we've done so far. I'm excited to see where we and BQH go next!

Karen A. Baquiran 

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