The Great American Solar Eclipse Through The Eyes And Heart Of Pamela Aaralyn

The Great American Solar Eclipse – Through the Eyes and Heart of Pamela Aaralyn


By Candace Craw-Goldman

Pamela Aaralyn is a clear conduit channel. She is the clearest, most connected to Spirit human BE-ing I have ever had the pleasure to know.  I am blessed to be able to call Pamela my friend and colleague.

Just two days before the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 Pamela and I broadcast a Live Quantum Healing with Candace ShowWe talked of many things including our personal plans for experiencing this rare cosmic and metaphysical event.

Pamela’s ancestors are Native American and those roots run deep in my dear friend. The general consensus among our native peoples is to lay low during eclipse times. Before we recorded our own show I watched part of another broadcast where Pamela was explaining her plan was to stay indoors, meditate and fast and not observe the eclipse outside at all.

I understood completely her plan and read similar statements from other colleagues and metaphysically-minded folk. My own guidance was directly the opposite and had been pointing me to stand within a powerful portal and grid point on our farm (so aptly named Atira Moon) during this auspicious event.

I have to admit that this felt like a pretty big disconnect for me personally, that I was going out and Pamela was staying in. It created some discord within my emotional body. However, if I have learned anything in my life at all, it is to always follow my own discernment no matter what anyone else says or does. Even Pamela, whom I trust implicitly.

But it did give me pause. This disconnect manifested like a tiny round pebble and it began rolling around in my shoe. I could, and did put that pebble between my toes and I remained unhindered by its presence, but I could not forget that it was there.

I will report on my own eclipse experience at a later time, but not today. You see, after coming back indoors after it was all over, and checking social media, I found that Pamela had changed her mind and went out after all! I was elated knowing she was out there…it was like removing that pebble from my shoe.

And then I read her account.

Oh. My.

Pamela Aaralyn’s eclipse story is magnificent and magical and it is with her permission I share her own words here in this article:

Despite what I thought I’d do (in my ego), my Divine Heart Center led me to experience the eclipse. I put on my prayer clothes and headed to the mountains in Park City with my closest friends.

What occurred is that all aspects of me merged and suddenly my body and Heart became portals to transmute suffering for the human conscious collective. I saw the Heart of Gaia and her Heart merged with mine. I could feel her heartbeat as my own. With each heartbeat, I felt waves of humanity’s pain.

As the moon eclipsed the sun, I felt massive PAIN (despair) for all countries and lands on earth. This came in waves of grief that I was told I needed to transmute. I sobbed in pain as I saw visions of wars, genocide, murders, rapes, shootings/stabbings. All of this occurred for thirty minutes before the moon fully eclipsed the sun. I felt Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Krishna and all of my guides suddenly surround me and hold me, and then earth went silent.

All of the birds, crickets and animals hushed and went into silence with me.

An icy cold energy rushed through my heart and I felt Still. My body felt cold and shivers rushed down my spine. In this moment, I felt the need to stand up and walk into Nature – alone. I heard breathing from a giant Aspen as she whispered, “I must show you Truth, follow my breath,” I did so and then discovered her on the edge of the forest line.

When I reached her I notice tears seemed to be falling from her leaves. I observed her tears dissolve into dewy moisture and fall to the ground. I followed my urge to whisper back to her. “Earth is in pain. What do you want of me?” The dew of her tears began to solidify as they fell slowly to earth. It felt as if time did not exist as I watched her tears transform into broken glass. Then I heard the sounds of shattering glass in my entire body. But when I gazed upon the ground, the glass began to cling together in the way tempered glass does when broken.

The Aspen tree manifested physical tears that solidified into this glass.
The Aspen tree manifested physical tears that solidified into this glass.

“Earth needed to break in order to come together again. This eclipse marked Earth’s biggest shift into the New Earth. You came here to transmute that suffering and then teach how to transcend it. Continue your journey, little deer”.

Suddenly I felt lighter and quiet within. By the time I made it out of the forest and back to my friends, I felt an exquisite, Divine Peace in my entire being. Time stood still in this one moment for me.

Earth shifted.

Earth healed.

So did I.

Because I was never broken to begin with.

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