The Higher Self Connection

The Higher Self Connection

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Lani Calkin shared the following information on our Community Forum that came through during one of her Quantum Healing sessions as to how to connect with the Higher Self. The forum is filled with support from those who practice Beyond Quantum Healing, as well as other healers who practice other healing modalities worldwide. Lani is located in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Higher Self Connection 

The subconscious or the higher conscious levels exist for everyone, it is the same state. It’s a dimensional field that is around everyone and everywhere.

It’s a conscious statement of – I now connect with the higher state of consciousness – which does it.

Already in that higher state of consciousness is the pathway.

So it’s the simple statement of – I now connect to that state of consciousness.

Lani: And that is enabling us to connect to the higher state of consciousness?

Client: Yes. The second part of it is to allow to receive, and this is where the human personality would come in to try to define, what am I going to receive: will I see it in words or will I see pictures? This will be different for each individual because of their own state of awareness and sensing, and it’s a state that will unfold gradually. The gradual integration of the higher pattern is needed.

It’s also a process that is overseen by the dimensional Beings who surround you all who are there to help and uplift, and because it’s a process that is known throughout creation. There are always evolved Beings to assist the process

Article by Lani Calkin


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