The Level 3 Misnomer


The following observation was recently offered to our Support Forum Community:

Having undertaken the Level 3 review, I feel the need to post this as I consider how many practitioners are at Level 2 and having fantastic success with this beautiful method…

With our left-brain/conscious-mind mentality, we humans are conditioned to equate higher levels of “whatever” with higher technical ability.  In science or dentistry or human consciousness, this may be true. However, in the case of QHHT practitioners, the term “Level 3” appears to be misunderstood by many who are searching for a QHHT practitioner. The levels I am referring to are posted for the public on the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique website. This is how I, personally, would explain the difference between Level 2 and Level 3:

The Level 2 QHHT practitioner is considered to have received instruction in the QHHT technique at an advanced level by learning further techniques and receiving advice and in-depth interaction on specific areas that can prove to be challenging.

Level 3 was created as a review/assessment/fine-tuning process to ensure the practitioner is facilitating QHHT exactly the way Dolores Cannon conducted her sessions. I believe this is important in order to preserve the purity of the system so lovingly developed by Dolores Cannon as there is no question that it is important to respect the preservation of a well-designed system especially if the designer (ie. Dolores Cannon) is no longer living. What the potential client may not know is that there is no tangible new QHHT information from Dolores Cannon being taught to the practitioner during the Level 3 review. They have been taught everything they need to know to have successful sessions through their Level 2 training.

Many QHHT practitioners are also trained in other healing modalities. At times, a QHHT practitioner may feel inspired to include portions of other modalities to their sessions, thereby offering the client what the practitioner may intuitively believe to be a more comprehensive healing session.  With this in view, many competent, successful Level 2 practitioners choose not to attend Level 3 because it prohibits them from adding anything beyond what Dolores taught. I believe that those practitioners who attend Level 3 are at peace with using Dolores’ system exactly the way she intended it to be.

When searching for a QHHT practitioner, it is helpful to understand that the client and the practitioner will be guided to one another by a much Higher Power. If the client pays attention to how they feel as they interact with the potential practitioner, their own Higher Self will ultimately let them know if the fit is a good one.

I want to make this very clear.  I am and have always been a devoted QHHT practitioner, making every attempt to follow the method the way Dolores Cannon taught me. This self-expression is simply my personal perspective.

With much love and respect to all who assist in the healing process and to all who seek healing…


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