The Masters of Akasha on Hurricane Irma - Desire and Destiny

The Masters of Akasha on Hurricane Irma – Desire and Destiny


The following is a perspective that came through Richard Yiap’s Akashic Records on 10 September, 2017.

“Greetings loved one. Another beautiful day. You are in the air again. There is much happening on the planet. Hurricane Irma continues and many places have been spared potentially maximum damage. 

When impending crisis appears, it is either a threat or opportunity. When it's a storm, there is always a destructive and cleansing element with Nature’s intention of clearing. When a storm is man-made, Mother Nature has no input or control of it. However, when the storm takes its course, there is always a higher reason for it, and whatever gets destroyed, JUST IS. 

The natural reaction to threats, particularly huge catastrophic ones, is to set the intention to neutralize or divert the threat. This is a 3D reaction to perpetuate what is known, safe and comfortable. 

However, these are pivotal times of change. These disruptions are part of this change, as well as the effects of the battle between the Light and the dark. Uncertainty beholds the future. This is even more pronounced due to the intense chaos involved in the transition, from old to new. 

There is a huge polarity between DESIRE and DESTINY.

D E S I R E : Determination from Experiences of Soul to Intention for Reality Expectation.

D E S T I N Y : Direction of Evolution of Source Transcending in Time with Nature in You.

Desire comes from prior experiences and embedded programs in the soul. These are imbibed in DNA and fostered in the soup of culture that sets norms and values. 

Desire needs to give way to Destiny according to Divine Will. This is the process of dying to self. In dying to self, you discover self. 

People get upset when their expectations are not met. 

No one desires massive destruction of homes and lives due to natural disasters. However, when it JUST IS, as a result of many factors, then to TRANSCEND the situation is even more imperative. Any fears and attachments will be challenged, and it's either “overcome,” or “be overcome.” 

If people are asked the question: “Will you be comfortable in ALLOWING the massive destruction and displacement of lives?” most people would see this as unthinkable. Well, Ultimate Creator is Allowing this, so why shouldn’t you? This highlights people’s powerful unconscious attachments to their lifestyle and what is comfortable. 

At the end of the day, what people DESIRE, will and cannot stand in the way of DESTINY.”

Richard Yiap is the partner of Quantum Healer Sian Chua. Sian is a speaker at the Quantum Healing 5D and Beyond event in Sarasota Florida October 6-7, 2017. There was relatively minimal damage to the city that is hosting our event despite a dire forecast. The radar image was a screen capture of radar that shows a “vortex of love” that surrounded the City of Light!

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