The Nature Of Time And Timelines

The Nature of Time and Timelines

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Article by Allison Brown

Here’s some interesting channelled information from the Collective (which includes my husband’s Zeta parallel life, who stepped in to discuss the Event). I thought it was helpful as it explains how there can be both individual and group experiences of the Event. I’m coming to understand that it’s all about the nature of time and timelines; the true nature of which is probably beyond our comprehension.

How can we prepare physically: both our body and our physical surroundings, to prepare for the natural disasters that may be coming and have been coming? 

Remaining in a place of light, love, and understanding is always the most appropriate means by which to accept what is being placed in front of you. Understand that some of these things that are taking place here physically on this planet are disruptive. You may call them natural disasters or physical harm to one another, different shifts in time and space that take place here on this planet. So yes, there is physical preparation that has to take place to prolong the human species. There is means by which you understand to prepare yourselves for such things. Take these actions, but understand that there is no need to be over-consumed with what is going on externally of oneself and the things that are happening here on this planet. But, prepare oneself physically and spiritually for the things that are about to come. These disasters may take place, therefore we suggest that you prepare yourself for them, but understand that they may pass quickly, and there won’t be long-lasting effects. They are a mere perception of a time that you perceive as a length of time, but in reality it’s an extremely short amount of time that is taking place with these physical things that are taking place on your planet. They will pass and then there will be a great awakening. There’ll be a greater understanding of why they have taken place.

 Are you able to say anything else about the Event, or when that might be occurring? 

Yes, this information has been brought forth in previous discussions, and there are others that have many different understandings of what the Event is and all of the information that is being brought forth is from the same Collective knowledge. This is something that, yes, for those who are highly aware may perceive it as taking place within a short amount of time but in reality, it’s an individual process which takes place. It may happen individually, across a group of individuals, but in this time and space it’s a mere flash in your perception of time. This is difficult to explain, because once it takes place there’s a different understanding beyond what you perceive at this point. I will try to provide a better perspective on time. If you have an understanding of what is perceived as the Event, this is something that, yes, will take place within one’s lifetime here on this planet. Now, this could have a greater variance in time because there are those that are just becoming aware on this planet, and there are those that are not aware on this planet. So, to say that it’s going to take place within one’s life time: one life span here on this planet, is a great length of time. But, one has to understand that once it happens, it will be that of the individual that it happens to. There is nothing that you can do to necessarily advance this timeline and put yourself in the path of the oncoming. This is something that will overtake you, and you will be present when it happens.

 I understand that from prior communication that Beings will be taken up into ships and be protected, therefore it sounds more like a group event. How do you reconcile those two things?

Yes, it has been communicated in the past that different individuals will be taken up from this planet to be protected from this energy that will be passing through, or has passed through, or will be passing through. Understand that there are individuals that are currently being taken up and brought back down. These individuals may be in a location where this shift is taking place. It’s difficult to explain the full, entire process of the Event, as it is something that is beyond the understanding of what your species understands. This is why it’s difficult when one individual speaks of it in a particular way and another speaks of it in their particular way. These are all different perceptions of the same continuum of time, but different points on that timeline. There are these things that are taking place as we sit here today bringing you this information – it is taking place but it’s only being made aware to those that are aware. For those that are being taken up, they are being conditioned and being brought back down with a greater level of understanding, but being placed back in, shall we say, your society, at a greater level of understanding. Typically, those that are brought up have no understanding. They are not aware. They perceive things completely different than most that surround them.

I see, thank you. 

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